April 18, 2021


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“This is America”Childish Gambino’s video with an insane vibe. Watch!

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is definitely on fire these days.


After presenting the second season of his significant television project “Atlanta”, the cultural visionary keeps discovering the modern American society through Hip Hop in all its forms. He teamed up for another time with one of the “Atlanta’s” directors Hiro Murai for the new music video on the “This is America” song, presented on Saturday Night Live show. Straight after the SNL sketch, mocking the common obsession over the Kanye West tweets.

The music video is made in the best traditions of Glover-Murai’s collaboration: full of unreasonable cruelty, surrealism, and unexpected plot twists. Because “This is America” in the Glover’s insane eyes. After the gospel intro to the song and first shot, Childish Gambino starts revealing the naked truth with the naked torso:

Yeah, this is America 
Guns in my area
I got the strap 
I gotta carry ’em

Guns are everywhere are used for no reason in the cruelest way. Murai implements them unexpectedly into the music video’s plot to show how unpredictable the society full of guns could be. The powerful statement from the Big Fish artists. Watch!

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