April 18, 2021


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The Future Is Bright For Deonte Scott – In The Nyte Lyfe Exclusive

It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Deonte Scott at his Farewell Celebration At Boheme in Houston, TX. Scott is a Chicago native who resides in Houston about 10 years now. With his new job, he will be relocating to Austin, TX for an ultimate adventure. Meeting with Scott was a pleasure. To see many in supports of the transition of his career shows his work holds longevity. The room was filled with good spirits and smiles from famiy and friends in supports of Mr. Scott. Sherita Stanley from Vision4Productions spoke with a few family and friends about Deonte:

“I watched Deonte connect with strangers, then – using his words – strip himself bare.  Doing that allowed them to drop the mask of “it’s okay” or “we’re getting used to this” or “it is what it is”.  And they let their true, raw feelings pour out, because Deonte had created a space that felt safe.  And by sharing they left behind part of their burden because they sensed that Deonte was willing to pick it up and carry it and care for it.”

*Margaret Smith – Texas Childrens Hospital

“Worked with him at Cheveron formed a really good close friendship really good guy – he’s a good egg!!! Big time gentleman!!! ”

*Lyndsey Fitzgerald x Jenny Latman x tiffany Corbin of Chevron

“Deonte and I met at church we’ve been knowing each other roughly 7 or 8 years” – (Shannon Jackson)

“Work with him at the city knowing him 8/9 years and have been feiends every since!!! Very great friend …. Wishing him luck and keep in touch” – Karen & Kory Davis

Deonte works in the technology field with Global Mobility. He worked for Chevron before as well. He is a well known poet, giving spoken words about love, hardships, mental health, and more relatable issues in our community.

Deonte believes in becoming purposeful in life. Witnessing how people attract to ones doing, gives you a reason why he is loved by many. He became the voice for the people. You can ask for so much in the world, but giving and receiving this much love doesn’t amount to much for Mr.Scott. We are excited for his future endeavors and the milestone he has created for him and his family.

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