April 22, 2021


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3D’s Krazy Kitchen Gives Back with Their 4th Annual Back 2 School Drive

We recieved an invitation to 3D’s Krazy Kitchen “4th Annual Back 2 School Drive” for August 19th of 2018. This event was filled with friendly entertainment for all ages. There were backpack giveaways including raffles, space walks, music, and great food for the children to enjoy.

The school drive increased the families present drive and motivation for this currents school year. Being able to bring smiles as well as becoming a black owned business for the community to confine in is what’s called black excellence. We had the pleasure to meet with The Gibsons, the owners of 3D’s Krazy Kitchen. Their eagerness to assist in the community was graceful. This humble couple served a purpose from above to give back in the most postive way. To see their business flourish shows how supporting your own is so important.

We enjoyed connecting with 3D’s Krazy Kitchen as well as Southern Heat Entertainment, DJ Sir Jay Boogie, Starlitz Xpress Cheer, IHI, Official Authentic, 3D’ Lounge, and Hard Head Rides.


We also enjoyed 3D’s One Stop Shop, the place to be for your delicious cajun and southern meals with a good drink. This is a great place right on time to watch the games to having a drink after work. They serve anything you want from wings, pasta, burgers, nachos, sweets, and much more. You can visit the One Stop Shop on 5928 Leedale St. Houston TX, 77016. 

Visit 3D’s Krazy Kitchen website below:


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