April 22, 2021


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Clearly Curren$y Had an Interesting Show in Houston- NLM Concert Review

The line was wrapped around Warehouse Live this past Friday for Jet Life’s Curren$y. About once you finished parking the line was growing yet moving very rapidly, allowing all fans to wait no longer to get into venue.

The Ballroom of the venue was filled with people anticipating Spitta’s arrival. With a host of opening acts, their energy and performance went well for the show.

Curren$y walked unto the stage and the entire audience went crazy. You Know the show was smoked out, we even noticed we caught a contact walking out.

The crowd participation was at an all time high. No literally. You can tell Curren$y enjoyed himself at this Houston show. As his fans recites every single lyric to his music he tells the audience:

“Ima stop messing with yal, clearly yal came to do it!”

Stay tuned for more exclusive coverage from The Spitta Himself.


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