April 18, 2021


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Vockfest4 Live in Houston – NLM Concert Review

If you never experienced The Vockfest4 from New Orleans Bounce Legend, Vockah Redu, then you have to see what we seen this year in Houston. Vockah Redu Presents his spectacular festival where he conjoined artists, each with an unique voice. Vockah explains how these are artists who he personally enjoys. He wanted the world to experience the same as he did. Vockah Redu has been an underdog in New Orleans Bounce and its originality. He shared his talents across the world. He allowed fans to encounter the real Bounce. His performance is electrifying, making everyone shake. He includes his dope dancers with his futuristic sense in style. You will get a funky feel with that B.E.A.T bursting through the speakers in the venues.

Vockah Redu

With sounds by Jay Dawg, one of the coldest producers from the city. He kept the crowd on Go every time he was in the mix. Jay Dawg has worked some of the best in the music game in New Orleans. We all know his tracks when we hear his name on them. We advise you do not sleep on this man machine on the beats. He works his way into becoming already legendary, be sure to keep up with him!

Jay Dawg (@jaydiggy12)

Each talent was unique in their own sound. They all had a different style that kept you wanting more.

  • Morena Ross
  • Young Chapa
  • Eclipse The Earth Star
  • Josie Arias
  • Moe Carro
  • Chevelle Brooks
  • Vincent Powell
  • Lucky Lou

The Vockfest4 had a great show including American Idol’s Vincent Powell. The crowd reactions from his performance was in amaze. The audience described his performance as “breathtaking”, “strong”, “beautiful”, and “special”.

What way to go out with a bang by having Sissy Nobby give his fans the best of him. With his energy and ability to make the world shake, Nobby was definitely the highlight of the night. His opening for Vockah Redu was so legendary, most would not understand. The significance of New Orleans Bounce was created by both Redu and Nobby. It showed at an all time high at the incredible Vockfest4.

Overall, The Vockfest4 gave us an experience we suggest everyone should want to encounter. “Vockah Redu and The Cru” shared to the crowd a booty shaking, might get you naked shakedown this night. We commend his dancers for teaching a thing or two about how you really, really shake.

Photos by DevineImages

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