Have you ever needed a ride and called on Lyft? Many has used the app to get a quick ride to work or to their favorite artist’s concert. What Lyft is missing is a song that represents their passengers’ experiences and where they are going as they ride!

New Orleans artist Lucky Lou drops a dope track called “Lyft” inspired by our favorite rideshare. The production of the song is live and has a sound everyone can dance to. He has dope lyrics and flow that matches the track.

“I need a Lyft, I need a ride” is what you hear in the chorus. Many can relate to Lucky Lou in his latest track. This song has a good feeling to it where all ages will want to sing this song, jumping into their Lyft ride for the day!

Be sure to check out his music. Also we will look forward to his track becoming the Lyft Anthem soon!



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