April 18, 2021


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Mastermind BL Shares Their New Visual “Whole Time” NLM Music Review

Catch a vibe as you listen to Mastermind BL’s “Whole Time” Artists Ya Minko and Lysian drops their latest music video early this March. Both artists grew up in Gabon, Africa. With video production by OG Visions, you will catch the Houston vibes throughout the video. You will see the landscape in the Nyte Lyfe viewing the skylines of downtown Houston.

These guys captures an unique look of themselves, giving their fans more of their craft. Their lyrics were average, the production helped offset its performance. Th artists should focus on more clarity of their voice.

The video production was pretty cool. The video should have had more scenes or various visuals to attract the viewer’s eye. Maybe the scenes were limited.

Overall, the video is cool. The storyline of the actual song should be depicted more. We look forward to see what else these guys have in store.

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