May 6, 2021


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Rick Ross Debuts His New Album “Port Of Miami 2” – NLM EXCLUSIVE

Ricky Rozay had his fans patiently waiting for his debut album “ Port Of Miami”. This become the next book with many chapters from the first “Port Of Miami” released thirteen years ago. The album features Nipsey Hussle, Jeezy, Drake, Wale, Dej Loaf, Meek Mills, Lil Wayne, and more.

We all know the King Of Carol City creates the dopest music for every boss. The real question is “Will Rick Ross give the streets what they been missing?” We need to know he is going to keep it a buck and a 1000 with his day one fans and supporters.

After nine albums and a bag full of hits, Ricky Rozay do not have to prove he makes beautiful music. As time pass, the music should be timeless. Let’s see if he keeps up with that and give us what we been missing.

He open up with his current single “Act A Fool” featuring his artist Wale. With production by Beat Billionaire, that raunchy, raw, vibe came soaring. Now going into the album, we expect that momentum throughout the Listening.

Our next pick is “Nobody’s Favorite” featuring Gunplay. This has that street motivation touch to it. Gunplay killed the song and delivered highly. He becomes one of the best features on the project.

“Bogus Charms” became a norm once hearing it. With the duo collaborations of Meek and Rozay, they always tell a story. It’s a beautiful song, true, and heartfelt. Plus Rick loves to make classics. But this collab should have been gutter and trill with upmost disrespect. At least another track for the streets.

You will feel his song “Born To Kill” featuring Jeezy. This track was authentic as Jeezy came with his presence. “I Still Pray” is also a heartfelt song. Lucci and Ball Greezy definitely went hard on this track. The melodies has a chilling effect where you can reminisce.

Listen how he comes on “Running The Streets” with A Boogie with The Hoodie, and Denzel Curry. This collaboration was giving much life to the tape. The production to the flow of both artists was good quality. You can feel A Boogie the most.

Vegas Residency became the ultimate vibe of what we know of “Port Of Miami”. The track was produced by The Justice League. Of course it’s a hard song if they touched it!

Maybach Music VI was a surprise featuring John Legend and Lil Wayne. That’s it? Many will anticipate more from this. The vibes were there but not what we are used to from the Boss himself.

Again, Rick Ross do not have to prove himself to anyone with his huge list of hits. This album shows his progression as an artists, a black man, just a human being. He is transitioning life as success becomes ten fold. But we need non stop rawness. Rick Ross delivered, not just for what we really and truly need. His sound is for feel good vibes. For the dope dealers to get motivated from. Many songs had same parts of production we know from latest projects which is fine. But what truly inspires Rick Ross?

Rick always will have a great catalog of work. From Port Of Miami, Teflon Don, and Lord Forgives, I Don’t. There were some albums that didn’t grasp the attention such as Mastermind or Black Market (Not the mixtape because it was better than everything we talking about right now.) We appreciate Rick Ross line of work. Hopefully he can give us some mixtapes. It may fill that hole in our fan’s hearts. Listen to the album and give us your thoughts.

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