April 22, 2021


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Un Kasa Unfolds The Truth About Purple City Bird Gang

Harlem Rap Artist Un Kasa gives us the truth about the real deal of Purple City Bird Gang. The 90s group consisted of Shiest Bub, Un Kasa, and Agallah. It seems that a whole lot of sucka shit was going on with Purple City. Un Kasa explains how the group was actually an act of hate and misfortunes. With fame being the main reasons artists want to be on, it can create demise and have any team break up. Un Kasa shares how Shiest Bub gets on IG live and condems his platform now on Youtube. Un Kasa shares how he was never a hater and doesn’t know why Bub is even speaking on his name.

A few things unfold as Un Kasa expose the real deals behind Purple City Bird Gang. Kasa clarifies he wrote for Bubz, helped them get access to exclusive studios, worked on the whole movement. Kasa and Ag left Purple City for the hate and wrongful acts.

We always were fans of the Dipset and Purple City movement. Un Kasa played a big part in the memories we still capture from its movement. What becomes a disappointment is the stories of the betrayls, hate, misconduct of contracts, and more. Un Kasa states in his vlog that he do not want to remember ever dealing with Purple City nor Dipset. From hearing his side of the story, it gives us a better idea of what artists really go through in real life.

Watch all of his episodes on Youtube below!

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