May 6, 2021


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Get Familiar with label tmb reloaded and GET TO KNOW their group “Them” – NLM Exclusives

Team work always make the dream work with latest rap trio “Them”. “Them” are artists are under TMB Reloaded Record Label. The artists consist of Shaddy, Simba, and Kane. The 9th Ward artists has left a mark in their city New Orleans. Their latest projects “Birthday” and “Flood The Streets” match its anticipation from their fans. We linked up at Rare Form Studios and got a chance to talk with “Them”:

  1. When did you start creating music?
    I recently became more serious this year than I ever did.
  2. Who help inspire you within music?
    Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, J Cole, Andre3000
  3. Why did you start to do music?
    Coming to the studio watching my dudes record made me want to be apart of it. I wanted to get the experience.
  4. Explain your creative process, what’s an average day in the studio for you.
    I need my team with me. I vibe from my team’s energy. I mostly write my music ad freestyle at times.
  5. Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
    The struggle.
    I didn’t have shit at a point of time. I speak for those people.
  1. What inspired you with the music.
    At first it was fun and games but now I’m serious. The struggle really inspired me. I went through a lot trying to do something right and moved to the next level.
  2. Who help inspire you within music? Jay-Z and Future
  3. Explain your writing process as an artist. Smoke me a Gar, run a few beats, feel the vibes, and zone out.
  4. How do you describes your music?
    Original, Authenticity, Work Ethnic, and My Craft is A-1
  5. Do you feel like artists in your city will support one another? The city is actually broken up,everyone doesn’t know everyone. There is a disconnect within uptown and downtown.
  6. Do you feel like you have to move out of your city to reach a certain milestone in your music career?
    Everybody be cocky, you have to move around. Come and swing through the city and show love. Connect with the people. But there is much more to the world. You have a changed mindset when you leave. You have to think far ahead.
  1. What inspired your music?
    I actually wanted to become a singer when I was young. I couldn’t sing though.
  2. When did you start rapping?
    4th Grade
  3. Who inspire your craft? R&B artists inspire my craft and melodies.
  4. Have you collaborated with any other artists?
    No, but I would like to collaborate with local and out of town artists.
  5. How well do you take constructive criticism?
    I take it as I come. It may stick in the back of my mind but I respect it.
  6. Do you feel like you have to move out of your city to reach a certain milestone in your music career? You don’t have to leave but can be a good idea. You can stay where you want to. There is a lot of hate and jealousy which makes it hard sometime.
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