April 18, 2021


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Tru Baughber Shares His Story Becoming a Successful Barber in New Orleans – Watch Full Interview Today

Many entrepreneurs have an interesting perspective on what it takes to strive to being the best you can be. At the age of sixteen, Tru Baughber, owner of Tru Barber, began his journey as a barber. Dropping out of school in the 9th grade helped create a pathway to find something he loved to do. Tru is an individual that has a unique style and a connection with his clients. Tru is now located downtown of New Orleans. He believe meeting people personally is the best form of promoting his shop. Social media is a good source for marketing but Tru is a hands on guy.


Tru Baughber has a great talent cutting hair which attracted celebrities to his shop. He has worked with NBA Youngboy, Saints football player Vonn Bell, Eric Gordon, The Pelicans Jrue Holiday, and more.


Tru and Method Man

Tru contributes to his community by supplying free haircuts to the homeless. His main goals are to help give to those in need and assist the children as well. He has a passion to continue his mission to make the community a better place.

What inspires Tru the most is watching his clients smile as they leave his shop. He also explains how at times a customer may dislike his service. “It’s apart of having a business” he states. He share advice to others to wake up everyday and go get it. Do not let others manipulate your choices. Nothing comes to a person who sleep. As an entrepreneur in New Orleans, he brings awareness to working and and giving back. This generates good karma that everyone should show gratitude for.

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