April 22, 2021


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Yung Rexo Says He Create Music For The Struggle – View Exclusive Interview

It’s takes dedication and hustle to be consistent with creating good music. 9th Ward artist Yung Rexo began his own label, M.B.H.G., to dominate the music scene for him and his artists. He states that creating music is for therapeutic release. Going through hardships at a young age, he needed something to help with that pain. What influences Yung Rexo’s music is the reality with what happens with his peers and around the world. His upcoming project called “More Grind and Hustle” is anticipated to be released before the new year.

Yung Rexo see himself in a bigger platform where he can make a lucrative career in the entertainment business. He speaks about how it may be hard to make it to the next level for independent artists. Some at a particular level do not like share to advice to support artists.


Rexo’s day in the studio depends on his vibes he gets from beats or he may freestyle. Rexo mainly writes his music and explains that he has a story to tell. He also looks forward to collaborating with other local artists. Rexo shares with us his new video “What Dey Gon Do”:

Taking constructive criticism for Yung Rexo isn’t a big issue as it is for most. He explains how he takes it well and become open to what others may have to say. Many argue that if you want to grow and become successful, it’s best to leave New Orleans. Yung Rexo shares how it’s all about having room to grow. Discussing that the world is a bigger place. He want to touch the masses with his music. Check out full interview with Yung Rexo now!

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