April 22, 2021


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Meet Drake’s Audiologist Dr. Lana Joseph Ford


Audiology is the science of hearing, balance, and related disorders. Dr. Lana Joseph Ford is an Audiologist from New Orleans who help others with impairments dealing with hearing and speech. She is also the owner of Higher Level Hearing. She created her business to assist with children and adults with these concerns.

Her inspiration comes from childhood memories of being bullied as a child because of her own speech impairments. She suffered for nearly eight years with this disorder. It took only three months of speech services in schools to become completely healed. She stresses early intervention for the young. With her experience with these disorders, it helped her turn this into a business.

She services with hearing aids, tests, evaluations, and rehabilitation. She works with several audio engineers for musicians. She assist with long term hearing issues by consulting with hearing aids and devices.

Doctor Lana has been featured in Forbes, discussing her attributes as an audiologist. She speaks about getting an annual checkup with any hearing issues. She assist with professional services for lawyers and doctors. As far as speech issues, she gives advice to read aloud in the mirror and practice speaking.

An in the ear device helps pump sound and works as a speaker to help with performances on stage. It helps with song quality and artists hear more clear. This becomes very important while in concert. She becomes Drake’s Audiologist and shares how she loved working with the OVO team. She states how it was a great experience and how he became a patient instantly! Working with Drake becomes a highlight of her career. Being able to assist celebrities with their audio performance was a pleasure.

Dr. Lana shares how entrepreneurship and your education equals to financial freedom. She cares to help with sharing her process as a successful Audiologist. She helps with the community by providing services throughout schools, donations, community health fairs, holiday parties and more. Her next goal is to provide a scholarship program. Be sure to follow this beautiful spirited woman by connecting through her social media outlets and more.

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