May 6, 2021


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DFW Tone Warns Us as he get ready to control the masses

There are several hip hop artists that has dope music but DFW Tone sticks out like a sore thumb. The North Houston Rap artist got some exclusive music to grace the planet with. We are convinced he has some magic touches he add when in the booth. DFW Tone has a project called “DFWORLD” that has a collective of raw tracks. DFWORLD is hosted by DJ Young Samm with appearances by Paul Wall and Tre100. His shares his upcoming project “Never February” to expect in 2020.

Tone describes his style as clean, triumphant, witty, and raw. We agree, after a listen to his music, it all becomes relative. We had the chance to see his creative process before in the studio. He is a force to be reckon with. Tone expresses that the people are thirsty for the real. His ability to create, produce, write, actually rap, and sing separates him from other artists. DFW Tone is preparing to control the masses with his music.

When asked how does he feels about independent artists coming out at this moment he feels as though no one artist is “INDEPENDENT” but perhaps unsigned. As far as the Houston music wave, he beg to differ that there is a wave. There is more of an industry pattern for the content people seem attracted to. Tone becomes an “Underdog” and states:

I just can tell I have become more of a diamond in the ruff and that ruff is what the industry hides under what is popular, etc. This forces me into the underdog role.

Expect a bigger DFW Tone more than ever for the year 2020. Expect a productive, effective musical genius. View Tone’s music below:

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