April 22, 2021


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Myles Em Prepares You For His New Ep “There’s Faith”

The New Orleans artist Myles Em is ready to let the world knows his talent with music. His creativity comes with being visual. You can depict his messages by his choice of words and flow presented throughout his music. Myles Em is will be presenting a new EP called “There’s Faith”. The project drops December 20, 2019.

Myles Em will be bring vibe automatically while listening to his music. “There’s Faith” consists of ten tracks. You will see how Myles becomes versatile with his sounds. The artists has a different type of drive, willing to perfect his craft and giving fans something to look forward to. The artists has a host of producers and features that come along with the project, Pro$per Jone$, HXNDRX, Flighteous, and Calamity. Begin to prepare yourself as Myles Em is getting in tune with creating good music.

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