April 18, 2021


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New Prospect YD Dooda Is Ready To Share Music With Fans – Check Out His Full Interview

YD Dooda is a new artist to look forward hearing from. As an artist from New Orleans, he created a name for himself. He describes his name as “Yung Dust” from The Ninth ward’s group “Dusty Money”. He becomes apart of their new yet younger generation of artists. He has been influenced to create music from many hardships which includes deaths of family and closed ones. He uses his pain to express through music. He is currently working on his project titled “Live By The Code” for you to look forward to.

One of his favorite moments of becoming an artists is seeing how his fans and supporters react to his creations. His presence is very cool and his drive cannot be unnoticed. He describes his music as unique and prepares us with his talents.


His creative process is described as a turn up while freestyling and writing new music. YD Dooda shares how collaborating with other artists is something to look forward to. He states how he mainly focuses on working by himself. The New Orleans rap culture can become more supportive. Many artists do not work with each other on a wider scale. This becomes an issue with working with other rappers’ egos that can intervene with collaborations. Hopefully going into this new year, this can progress.

YD Dooda want to be a positive influence to the kids today looking to become an artist. Becoming a role model by default can have artists consider their content to be suitable for all walks of life.

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