May 6, 2021


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Cynthia Bailey Comes Out Strong For District B As Petition Against Her Is Denied – Houston

The courts favors the community’s request to keep District B’s Cynthia Bailey on the 2020 Municipal ballot. The Courts of Appeals throws out petition against Cynthia Bailey requested by Renee Jefferson-Smith. Realtor Renee Jefferson-Smith argued that the felony convicted candidate should not be considered in this race. The community begs to differ as they have already made their decision as a majority. Bailey should not be penalized for a past mishap when she has done a tremendous amount of work resolving issues in her city. As a native living in District B and sharing her life with the community shows she understands. The community knows this as well. That is why they continue to fight for what is right.

Listen, my story is the same as so many people who live in District B. I made a mistake that I am deeply sorry for. I paid my debt to society. And now, I want to serve because I understand the needs of the District and how to solve neighborhood issues.

Nothing will be stopping Bailey this year as voting resumes this Spring. We are certain she will prevail in protecting her community and making sure she has them in her best interests. To support Cynthia Bailey during her race for District B, you can click link below.

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