May 6, 2021


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Owner Gregoire Tillery Shares His New Location in New Orleans East For We Dat Chicken & Shrimp

Entreprenuer Gregoire Tillery began a business venture with just a food truck in 2013 to now having several locations. The New Orleans Own “We Dat Chicken and Shrimp” is known for their delicious wings and specialty items from their menu. Their flavor bursting seasoning has customers happy after every visit! Learning about his new partnerships are also inspriring. He shares how his We Dat’s seasoning is now on shelves of Rouses Grocery Stores and being apart of their recent Super Bowl ads. We also learned that they also has partnered with The New Orleans Pelicans Basketall Team.

Shot by J. Stephen Young
Gregoire Tillery, owner of We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp holds his layout of upcoming restaurant with a drive-thru

Now that CEO Gregoire Tillery manages to have several locations in his city, he raises the bar by adding a new location in the New Orleans East. What makes this location unique is that there will be a drive-thru. We got the chance to visit his newest location as we talk about what he has coming next.

Greg shares how working in the corporate world in the past motivated him into becoming his own boss. It was always instilled in him to hustle and make more money. In high school he had that entrepreneurial spirit by selling snacks on the side. He stated how he sold newspapers to even coffee, he did it all. He continued to strive and kept faith to become a prominent restaurant owner.

What makes his newest location so unique is that the New Orleans East is still affected from Hurricane Katrina from 2015. His new store is in an area that hasn’t fully been occupied since then. Having his We Dat’s in the neighborhood would be a relief for his customers that are always traveling to his farther locations.

Nyte Lyfe Lexx, Greg Tillery, and Darren Ogden
Shot by J. Stephen Young

Greg’s perseverance and drive throughout his journey has become a major motivation. This interview captures his authentic self, sharing what allows him to continue to move forward. What more can this guy do as we begin the year 2020? Let’s stay updated with his progressions!

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