March 6, 2021


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Food Review In The Nyte Lyfe Bar Marilou

What a superb invite to New Orleans’s cool spot called Bar Marilou. The bar has a well spirited feeling that brings a crowd more in tuned. As you walk up to the bar, you become urged to feel the presence from the bright red light “Bar Marilou” . This bar becomes a hidden treasure with beautiful people around! It is encouraged to come to this bar after work for leisure time or for a one on one conversation with a loved one!

Our invite was extended from our fellow New Orleans blogger/influencer Dee Hollins “Nola Chic” this past week to come check out a bar in the Warehouse District. We would love to thank her for allowing us to enjoy signature cocktails and tasty appetizers with her.

Here we share what we had a chance to try out and our experience:

Brave Margot

(Rum, campari, velvet falemum, pineapple, lime)

Nice Citrus taste with sweet pineapple. The rum is very smooth and gives life through every sip.

Pommes Marilou

(Crispy potato, creme fraiche, bowlin caviar)

The crispy taste of potatoes gives taste buds the best feeling. Burst of flavor comes from every bite.

Stuffed Mushrooms

(Oyster, Tasso, Pernod Cream, Mushrooms)

Gives your tongue a pop! Very delicious and becomes indulging every bite!

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