May 6, 2021


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Planes NOLA Capsule Launch At Streetcar Barn

After receiving a boarding pass to Planes’s NOLA Capsule Launch, we experienced something delightful. The Plane’s Crew creates an amazing collaboration of New Orleans flavor with their designs. The “Where Im From” has been presented in Uptown New Orleans at the Carrollton Streetcar Barn.

Photo taken by Justen Williams

New Orleans own Lawrence Parker “Law” Roc Nation’s A&R with Artist Management shares different attributes of the New Orleans culture. One major part of the designs’ theme are the magnolias which Law describes as dignity and beauty. The purple gives a rich tone to the clothing. Law shares via instagram many reasons why New Orleans will always be an unique city in the world.

Photos by: Justen Williams

We were blessed to witness many influential people enjoy themselves in celebration of the new launch. We caught Mayor Latoya Cantrell with open arms. She seemed so thrilled to see such a creative event that was dedicated to the city. Next, the Creole Wild West Indians and Big Chief Howard comes up the street into the street car barn. They are actually the oldest tribe since 1835. Their presence shook the ground as everyone are amazed by their beautiful Indian suits and dances. There was also complementary praline candy, Big Shot cold drinks, and the best king cake you can ever try.

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What you see are the different ingredients in New Orleans Culture. The magnolia flower symbolizes dignity and beauty. Next, our streetcars, the oldest continuously operating street railway system in the world. We used to ride them and hang out the window drinking daiquiris. Only in New Orleans will you see a streetcar driver stop the car, hop out and jump in a secondline. Now let’s talk about our brass bands. Trombones, trumpets and Tubas; chants of “Let’s Go Get’em,” white handkerchiefs waving-high in the sky. Can’t forget our Indian Culture. My tribe, Creole Wild West, have been in existence since 1835. That makes it the oldest tribe. And the most important ingredient, the people of New Orleans, my loved ones. From Uptown to Downtown to cross that water. They came out like it was Super Sunday. Thank you! _ New Orleans comes with me wherever I go. Ya Heard Me. _ Thank You To @planes @vegas_jones, @tha10thletter Creole Wild West Indians and Big Chief Howard @nesbyphips, @artby_jay, @hot8brassband @polonolaphotography @blucidfloral @adriansbakery @codysonofabaker @11ounces #YaHeardMe #WhereImFrom #PlanesCrew #GreatnessIsAProcess

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