May 6, 2021


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Mona Scott Young Shares Why New Orleans Is Her Second Home

As we enter into a new year 2020, everyone should have Mardi Gras this year on their to do list. The beautiful Mona Scott-Young took advantage of experiencing The City of Love by accepting her thrown as She-King Elect. Just in time for Mardi Gras, The Treme Sidewalk Steppers presents “The Greatest Show On Earth”. That became a factual statement of The Sidewalk Steppers. This will be one weekend to remember in the city of New Orleans. Mona Scott-Young is a successful talent manager, film producer, TV personality, and has created her highly rated Love and Hip-Hop franchise.

She also published her book called “Blurred Lines” which shares music and entertainment of her life. Many would see what is on television , but within her book, it becomes more precise with the storytelling from betrayal, love, loyalty, and more. Her long time friend and creative collaborator Courtney Parker get their vision straight and forward to their readers of their new book.

Mona-Scott Young Shares how she became apart of New Orleans from actually coming to the city to get married. A month before the Hurricane ” Katrina” she gets married with her husband , Shaun Young. She shares how they actually opened the city up! Staying in the heart of The French Quarters, to enjoying music hanging outside of their window. Their beautiful all white wedding was at The Dillard Chapel. It took her two years to receive her marriage licences . That left an unpredictable effect on that situation. Mona Scott has been embarked with the Nola Culture indefinitely, now she makes this her home.

Mona Scott-Young Speaking before The Royal Homecoming Gala in New Orleans

With “The Royal Homecoming” Gala on Friday February 7th, they presented She -King-Elect Mona Scott -Young and New Orleans own King-Elected Hiram H. Smith a special night. We spoke with Mona before the Gala and she was so thrilled to be apart of Treme Sidewalk Steppers, a group that preserves cultural heritage within the community. They presents unity, and raises funds by dancing to music that is delivered to their ancestors in Congo Square.

From Mona just traveling back from Ghana, she shares how important it is to embrace our culture back from Africa. She went to Africa with many notables including New Orleans Mayor, LaToya Cantrell. Cantrell officially proclaimed Cape Coast, Ghana “The Sister City” of New Orleans. This embeds so much sisterhood and perseverance at all the same time. She hopes to continue to keep everything united with The Sidewalk Steppers. She says she want to

“continue that connection at the Sidewalk Steppers Royal Homecoming Gala where we all commemorate the majesty of our ancestry and celebrate the magic of women of New Orleans.”

After having Mona Scott-Young learn more about our African history, she was overwhelmed with how much of our culture need to be shared. Coming to celebrate with New Orleans during our Mardi Gras season allows her to feel the energy of the city. The beautiful spirit of the people will grow on The new elected She-King. We look forward to seeing her continue to embrace the culture of our people and the city of New Orleans.

The festivities were made possible by many sponsors that created an amazing weekend:

  • The Mane Choice
  • Treme Sidewalk Steppers
  • 50 Cent & Branson Cognac
  • Monami Entertainment
  • Hiram Style
  • MYX Fusion Beverage
  • Because I Can Foundation Inc.
  • Bartenura Wines
  • LVOV Vodka
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