April 18, 2021


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Treme Sidewalk Steppers Gave Us “The Greatest Show In The World”

Photo Taken By: Jamal Barnes @visionarybarnes

This becomes an understatement that The Treme’s Sidewalk Steppers Social Aid and Pleasure Club will have “The Greatest Show In The World”. The Sidewalk Steppers announces their 26th annual second line parade. The starting point was located at New Orleans Jazz an Heritage Foundation. The City of New Orleans grants the group with a permit for their second line, which was held in the 7th ward, the Fairgrounds, Bayou St. John, and Treme. The Sidewalk Steppers are known for giving the people a show and having the best attire as they roll down the streets.

The Sidewalk Steppers On Rooftop of Kermit Ruffin’s Mother-In-Law Lounge
Photo Taken By: Jamal Barnes @visionarybarnes

The Members of The Sidewalk Steppers are:

Tyrin Martin, Mark Robinson, Clarence Dorsey, Shelly Landry, Jerry Anderson, Kim Charbonnet, Chris Evangelista, Kiri Barbarin, Demetria Doucet, Brandi Charlot, Mario Lewis, Hollis Burton, Corey Holmes, Rodrick Davis, Sean Martin, Henry Salvant, Deshawn Burks, Ronald Banks, Ronald Marshall, Utopia Francois, Kim Broadnax, Shante Salvant, Erika Gaddies

The Root of Music Marching Crusaders came out to present both King and Queen for their entrance. Hundreds join towards the entrance waiting for The Sidewalk Steppers to begin the show. The second lines can be described as unity within the city of New Orleans. This was a peaceful, fun- filled event that everyone would have enjoyed.

Photos By J. Stephen Young Photography


The Sidewalk Steppers united with the Big Six Brass Band which had everyone enthused by their energy from the music. The Sidewalk Steppers disbands at Kermit Ruffin’s Mother-In – Law Lounge on Claiborne Ave. The Steppers began jumping on top of the Kermit’s showing out for the city once again. Hollis Burton, organizer and member of the Sidewalk Steppers since 2015, shares how he became apart of the family. He states how he followed under the Treme umbrella and became in love with their style, the founders, and fact that he grew up near the neighborhood off Conti. Hollis explains what is one of his missions as a Sidewalk Stepper:

” We want to show the younger generation that we are one. It is time to take back our community before it’s too late”

Hollis Burton
Sidewalk Stepper Hollis Burton – photo by Jamal Barnes @visionarybarnes

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This year the group lost a loving member Chris Envangelista who passed early February . Walking into the Royal Ball, first thing that caught my eye was a human sized cut out of Chris. He meant so much to his Sidewalk Steppers family. Even though it effected them from such an uncertain notice, they continued his legacy by giving the greatest show on Earth! Chris had countless friends who came out in supports. We met a few of his close friends sitting at a table outside of Kermit’s Lounge. They were so sweet and welcoming. As they begin to share stories about Chris, you seen tears of joy. He bought happiness to these people hearts. This was when we noticed that this man had a major impact on his close ones.

Photo taken By Brandon Knox Photography

The parade was also dedicated to Diane Turner, 5th Ward Weebie, Mama Rose Glasper, Randolph “Mookie” Square, and George “Duffy” Hughes.

Overall, nothing compare to the importance of unity that was displayed this weekend with The Sidewalk Steppers. This second line was filled with thousands of people without any bad occurrences that could have led to end the event early. As a native of New Orleans, watching the people enjoy the dancing and seeing the King and She-King was priceless. This had to be one of the biggest of their time. The way the people smiled, laugh, danced, and praised each other shows how strong our culture truly can be. For others awaiting to visit New Orleans, they should anticipate coming to next year’s Sidewalk Steppers Annual Parades.

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