April 18, 2021


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No Lookin Back Interview With International T

New Orleans Rap Artist International T has been in the game for some time showing how it is to be authentic in this music world. Breaking barriers and making his name stand alone shows this consistency as an artist.

International T last project “No Lookin 2” gives an overview of his life. His latest singles are “Ballin” featuring Dave East and “”For Real” with Jim Jones. The artist is now joined with Harlem’s Jim Jones and Vamp Life. International shares how Jim Jones took a liking to his vibe and of course, his music.

Looking at his work and how he has been putting his city in a position to be seen, the mind wonders how he isn’t embraced as much. Having a legend such as Jim Jones to work with an artist such as T should allow others and media platforms to share what he is doing. You may ask, well is his music dope enough? International T music is based on his reality. He speaks a different language from most artists in today’s society. He has a humble heart and embrace the truth as he should. As a fan of identity, International will always set himself aside.

International T openly talks about his recent ordeal with the Feds arresting him coming back from his video shot in Jamaica. After listening to his song “Blessed” it’s depicts his tough situation.

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International T with Dave East shooting video “Ballin”
Super Producer HeatMakerz and International T
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