May 6, 2021


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Ha’Sizzle Give His Flowers To Those Who Where An Impact In Bounce Music Culture

New Orleans Bounce Artist Ha’Sizzle is the one see live if you need to get loose, let go, and dance. Growing up in the Calliope Projects watching everyone dancing from friends to his mom had him wanting to show out. The wiggles, the shakes, the rump rocking, the swiggles, is what describes Ha’Sizzle’s music. He is also featured on Lil Wayne’s “Funeral” that just released on song “Clap For Em”. He hears his tongue rolls throughout the song. He shares how excited he was to hear it.

He shares his reaction as overly excited seeing Lizzo perform at SNL shaking to his music. He was wrapped into the TV watching not only because of Lizzo but to how the world is getting a taste of Bounce Music and who he is.

Until this day, we listen to the the new and old generations of bounce music equally. It shall never die. We today can hear a song from Magnolia Shorty, Messy Mya, Vockah Redu, Sissy Nobby, as if it was just released yesterday . That sound and creativity never goes gets old. Ha’Sizzle feels artists such as 5th Ward Weebie, Choppa, Soulja Slim, Mannie Fresh, and Big Freedia were ones to pave the way for New Orleans bounce music and its culture. He shares a new project to look forward to called “Church of Twerk” He will be going on tour this April and says to wait for future dates.

Bounce artist Ha’Sizzle talks about his collab with Drake in “Child’s Play” (Views) which is sampled from “She Rode That Dick Like A Soilder”. Ha’Sizzle released the track in 2005, around the same time of Hurricane Katrina. He was overwhelmed to hear the song played over the phone for the first time. He became the first bounce artist to be sampled by Drake!

Ha’Sizzle understands the frustration of New Orleans artists not getting the credit deserved. The city may not get that exposure it’s needed to the complete breakthrough to open up the gates to more success.


He wants the world to hear the real bounce beat. He is enthused how the culture is being embraced and to be apart of these moments in a major way. His energy is very bright and welcoming. He truly have a passion for what he do as an artist and performer. He shall continue to keep the movement alive with his music.

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