April 18, 2021


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Pee Supreme Drops New Music For You To Vibe & Dance To – Flex Stretch (Listen Now)


We all need to loosen up sometime, especially when things are rough or a hard day at work. Houston’s Female artist Pee Supreme has a new song we all need in our lives. She combines her creative Houston flows with a New Orleans bounce flow. “Flex Stretch” should be on the playlist for your daily workouts. Kick off your routine with a little flex, then stretch!

Pee Supreme never disappoints with her bars. She shows off her skills on her new song “Flex Stretch”. Her voice demands your ears to actually listen to what she has to say. This southern chick may be pretty and petite, but her voice and lyrics roars like a lion. If you need something to give you a boost throughout your day, “Flex Stretch” will become your go to song to bring in energetic vibes.


Pee Supreme also releases the remix of her project “Ready”. The Chopped and Screwed tapes and remixes has been apart of Houston’s music culture for years. To this day, it is still an honor to even have your music “Chopped Not Slopped” by OG RON C.

OG RON C had been chopping up tapes for years. In 2001 DJ Screw the founder of the hip hop sub-genre of SCREW passed and OG RON C had a vision of keeping DJ SCREW music alive!

Listen to Pee Supreme’s latest music below:

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