April 22, 2021


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Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch Has a Beat Battle On IG Live


During this time while everyone is inside to quarantine, the creatives are here to make something pass with time. As well as give back. Do you remember when Swizz Beatz and Timbaland battled each other with who has the best hits, this was that same mood. They both recruits some of the biggest names to beat battle online. What a time to be alive, literally!

Super Producers Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch join forces in a battle to play their greatest hits on Instagram live. Soon as the news hit IG, everyone was excited about this.

Mannie Fresh is a New Orleans pioneer within the southern creation of rap & hip hop. As a member of The Big Tymers and Cash Money Records his sounds changed the game. Also as the creator of massive beats with Cash Money, He created hits such as “Back That Ass Up”, “Bling Bling”, “Go Dj”, “Big Thangs Poppin” “Project Chick”, and too many more to name.

Scott Storch is from Philly, who not only produce but is a songwriter and a keyboarder. He has worked with the best in the game such as 50 cent, Dr.Dre, Chris Brown, The Roots, Fat Joe, Beyoncé, Nas, and the list just doesn’t stop. He has also paved the way by constructing beautiful timeless music that becomes hip hop to pop. Billboard after billboards. Scott has a major rap sheet.

Even though we caught the live half way through, these guys had a crazy battle that could have gone on much longer. As you look at the list above, Swizz Beatz shares the score of whether who won and/or had a Draw. Looking at the list, this seemed a bit unbalanced! Meaning if you look at the selection of songs each round. How do we compare “Let Me Love You” by Mario against “Still Fly” The Big Tymers? And who compares “Big Thangs Popping” by T.I. to “Candy Shop” with 50 cent? Man! Watching the live was becoming dreadful when Scott threw out the Beyoncé “Me, Myself, & I”. The live went nuts. gave the streets hope in this battle. Everything was classic within the streets, especially the South. He captivated the culture with no pressure. Why? Because he created most of its sounds today. Scott gave us groundbreaking hits that you could deny. From the biggest in the game of R&B to Hip Hop. It was crazy!



This battle was first initiated with T Pain and Scott Storch but then changed with Mannie Fresh. This battle was a bit unfair, in our opinion. They states Scott Storch won this battle. But many argued Mannie was more for the streets. His ammunition was based off his career with Cash Money Records where he was under for years. Who else Scott should have battled? We are looking forward to see what’s next. TPain will go toe to toe with ATL’s Lil Jon this weekend. These battles will forever leave its mark for its fans to remember.

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