April 18, 2021


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T-Real4Real Shares More Music with A New Outlook

During the time of our music and it’s era, things has changed. Especially the sounds we resonate with. Take the time to listen to North Houston’s hip hop artist T-Real4Real. As an independent rap artist, T has been creating music for quite some time. He is gearing to release another album this summer called “The Mob Father”. T-Real announces that he will drop a new song titled “Killing It”. He states how he create all content independently with identity in his music. He has his own lane he creates for himself and his fans.

The artist shares that he works very hard to place himself in better positions. The artists states that he works up to five days a week in the studio. With that much dedication on perfecting his craft, he will learn more to the music world. He currently has a track he has been working titled “What You Gon Do”. The song was produced by Scooby Racks. T Real has a different type of flow that you hear from rap artists today. Texas artists has their own language they use. After listening to T-Real, you get an idea of his music.

T Real is sharing his culture being from Texas. His sound has a laid back feel with a southern flow. He has collaborations and performances with others such as NickB, Cartel Fro$t, and Lou Gotti. He released two albums KOTF (2019) and Nightmares of Houston (2019). T-Real4Real has us anticipating his growth in the future. As artists become open minded about the world as a whole, you are able to unite different cultures. Globally, everyone should have a chance to showcase their sound. T-Real has a sound that describes what is now a Texas vibe. Be sure to listen to the artist and support his movement!

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