April 18, 2021


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Pee Supreme Releases New Record – Dinosaur (Listen Now)

Pee Supreme has a suprise for all of her fans. As she releases her latest record, “Dinosaur”, she gears up to release her upcoming mixtape titled “Supreme 93” (High Octane Volume 1). Pee Supreme has been working hard on her music and it truly shows her growth. This places her in position to be highly anticipated as the next female rap artist to arise to the top!

Imagine a pretty sweet faced lady transforming into a monster standing above the city. What a sight to see right? Well this is the vibes Pee Supreme expresses in her new song. She drops bar for bar letting it be known that she has her crown, especially as a female rap artist. Pee Supreme is in full effect and letting any competition know she been in the ring for her next opponent.

Pee is letting the world know that she is a beast and what other way to scream it as she does in “Dinosaur”. Listen below to the latest song to check out for this summer!


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