May 6, 2021


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A Cry For Help: George Floyd’s Death Has The Nation in Tears

After hearing the uproar from everyone witnessing the murder of Houston native George Floyd, it is time to really think. Not only for ourselves but for our black men. George Floyd was killed by a cop named David Chauvin in Minnesota on Tuesday May 26th. David had his knees on George’s neck until he died. He was accused of trying to forge a check in the local corner store who initially called the police. He screamed out “I Can’t Breathe” more and you can imagine. George showed no signs of resisting in the video. Watching the video of the slaying of this young man was horrific. What became of such a disgusting, hateful crime? Racism has been a major problem in the black community.

George Floyd

During this pandemic, they have found ways to torture our families even more. Seemed as the nation opens back up, racism began to work in overtime. Our young kids have to witness such pain throughout social media and the news. How much more can we bare? How much more will we take? These questions are coming up constantly by all. Protesting in Minnesota has grown into a dreadful scene. We want peace but when we see police do not care about another’s lives, what else to think? There were so many people of all walks of lives coming together. We all can see this is beyond us and it is time to act .

Who can we count on to help us? The ones who are suppose to protect and serve are killing and making a mockery of us all. The pain is growing as many are feeling the hurt from our souls. No one should die this way. No one should have to be a witness to this. Now we have to face hate more than ever before. Being a mother of a young male, now 12 years old, I cannot think of anything happening to my child or anyone else children. Take time to educate our children about how to deal with these issues and being safe.

With the cornavirus breaking down the world, it should have been time for us to reflect on ourselves and family. It was a time to wake up from what has been known as lies and betrayal from the government and others. The year 2020 is supposed to be an eye opener to the world. How we should come together and become one. With social distancing and becoming afraid, how can can come together? With the killings of people from the police, more people are wanting to get together and hold hands of unity. Some want blood for blood. With the bad , the good will overcome and increase if we can wake up and use our heart and minds.

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