April 18, 2021


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Lil Sporty D Drops “Certified” Featuring Jay Jones & Magnolia Chop – Listen Now!

Meet Lil Sporty D- Artist, Engineer, and Songwriter from The Westbank of New Orleans. He is also a CEO of record label (Mentality Music Entertainment). He surfaced the music scene for the last five years and continues to create music for his fans and community. Lil Sporty D expresses how he would like for the world to hear his music and take time to hear what he actually has to say. With his Gangster rhymes and precise beats, Sporty D will turn heads and grasp new fans as he progress with his music career.

Lil Sporty D

Lil Sporty D has a new song to be heard titled “Certified”. The southern rapper manages to unite both Young Money’s Jay Jones and Magnolia Chop on the track. This collaboration between the three ignites the song with fire. Everyone held their own weight on this track. Hearing the different flows from each artist gave a collective sound for you to hear. From The Westbank to Uptown, you can hear the authenticity between everyone on the song. “Certified” shares how being from the streets glorify the good and bad anyone can face. From the violence to the hood love. Be sure to listen and check it out for yourself.




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