April 18, 2021


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Have You Received an Update For Your Unemployment ?

During the pandemic, of course the unemployment helped those hard working families in need during the time. What becomes an issue is how the government decides to take the $600 benefit about a month ago. The country is still under a lockdown where we cannot live life normal. The schools went virtual, now parents have to find ways to work and tend to their children. It went from receiving funds, to being stopped, now to decreasing the pay. The Americans who are effected do not take this lightly and are not fans with the decisions. But at the same time some are grateful for the assistance .

Most Texans received a notice that their unemployment benefits will increase starting next week.

A new, federal Lost Wages Assistance program will provide an additional $300 per week to those who have lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are currently receiving unemployment benefits.

These benefits will be paid by TWC. Eligible claimants will receive LWA payments as early as next week, when they submit their next payment request. These payments will be backdated to the benefit week ending August 1, 2020, if an eligible payment request was made for that week.

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