April 22, 2021


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New Orleans Trench Boxing Is Catching Fire – See What’s All The Hype About

In New Orleans, what’s trending is Trench Boxing, street amateur boxing. Everyone is talking about how hyped the street fights been with Trench Fighting. With guys getting knocked out to the ladies tapping out, Trench Boxing has definitely been the wave. Especially if you are one who want to fight it out. Make sure you are on your Ps and Qs because you don’t want to get KO’d by no one. As a witness to the madness with Trench Boxing, there is a thrill throughout the entire building. What makes the events unique are that the locations are disclosed upon notice from presenters. During this time of dealing with the pandemic, this decrease large amounts of people arriving to the fight. Most importantly decrease risks of contracting covid 19. This has not been much success, as everyone are anticipating and waiting for the “LO” to be at the fights.

This particular fight I attended was held on the Westbank in Marrero. Everyone was outside to see four rounds street fighting. Hustleman and BNC_P90 are the two young men behind the thrill of this unique street fighting. When this street fighting was first mentioned on social media, they went from rooftops and all. Being able to see young black men create something that increases putting guns up and showing your gloves has been amazing. This gives people, especially the youth, ways to get away from any wrongdoings and enjoy a good fight. As these guys continue to give the people a good show, we are sure they will become more innovative with ways to surprise everyone.

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