May 6, 2021


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Brail Monday Presents “Brail Talk” Featuring Jayarson – The Murder Cappy

Brail Monday recently shared a clip of his first episode of “Brail Talk”. He has a sit down with New Orleans artist Jayarson as they discuss his upcoming album “The Murder Cappy”. Brail prepares you to understand that Jayarson is a very special individual. Jayarson is not only an artist, he is a business man. Brail is not only impressed with Jayarson’s music talents, but as well as his charisma, hard work, willingness, and hustle. As for the New Orleans deep rooted music culture, Jayarson has put in all efforts into his work in the underground hip-hop culture.

Jayarson shares with Brail what inspired him to create the project “The Murder Cappy”. He states how the enviroment and the mindset from where he is from. Seeing murder first hand very young. Jayarson shared how there is a repetitve story that New Orleanians, especialy black men, has to depict.

Brail Monday quotes:

The beautiful thing about everything that’s going on in the city is everybody is working. It doesn’t matter if people are working together or not, everybody is trying to do something that counts and the soundtrack for that ambition, hustle and grind is #TheMurderCappy.

The title itself “The Murder Cappy” is expressed as being ready to die before you are ready to live. There is much to be changed in a drastic way. As Jayarson relates to his city, he still hears Mannie Fresh and the culture around the throwback hits we listen to today. His tracklist shares this, including him paying homage to the local artists who paved the way.

The conversation continues, yet we advise you to stay tapped in for more exclusives. Stay stuned in for more within Brail’s sequels with in depth coverage of Jayarson.

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