April 18, 2021


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Breonna Taylor’s Case Proves That Justice Is Not Always Served – When Will We Truly Make A Change?

Following the months of outrage and protesting, the decision was made for one of the most disturbing cases of 2020. Breonna Taylor, 26, was killed in her own home in March 2020. She was killed by the hands of Louisville Metro police officers. She was killed in her home during a botched narcotics raid. The Kentucky grand jury decided to indict one officer, Brett Hankison, on three counts of wanton endangerment charges over shooting into neighboring apartments. He was not charged for the actual killing of late Breonna Taylor. Not one of the three officers were charged for her death.

Breonna Taylor

Now, let’s think about the facts that the people across the world are furious about. First off, the warrant served as a “no knock warrant”. Officer Hankison fired 10 shots, killing Breonna Taylor. Also, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was also in the house. Her boyfriend thought someone was breaking in the house so he opened fire, shooting one of the officers. Last, even though Hankison was charged, (not for the death of Taylor) his bond was set at $15,000. Now he can easily walk the streets again.

Not one of three officers were directly charged for Breonna’s killing. This is a disappointment to the family and the people across the world, seeking justice for his innocent young lady. As a woman, it was been shown many times that justice does not serve the people. Well, the black society never receive justice in the best humane way. As a black woman in America, we have to protect ourselves from what is on the street, better yet the police. Prime example, Sandra Bland, who was killed by police officers. To have nothing for the murder of Breonna Taylor against the officers is very offensive to everyone across the nation.

In conclusion, Breonna’s case has shown that Black Lives do not matter. The justice system is letting it be known that they do not care about the truth and the concerns we have. Feels like a slap in the face don’t it? September 15th, Louisville agreed to pay $12 million dollars to the family. They also will implement multiple police reforms to settle family’s wrongful death lawsuit. Now, when it is stated how money rules, this becomes a fact. Pay off the family for our wrongdoing. Money will not bring back Breonna Taylor nor will it ease the pain from the family mourning.

When you see how painful this verdict has been to everyone, how can you not want to change? For your family and community. As for the black communities, what exactly are we doing to make a change. There are several foot soldiers paving ways to make a statement. There are many still living on with life as if nothing is wrong in our society. Social media has played a big part for people to support and become apart of a change. Yet, you see many still flashing their materialistic lives that does not serve anything with purpose. We all have a purpose, and with 2020 giving us all a run for our money, the people should consider putting all irrelevancy aside to alter the current and next generation to the greatest direction. Consider yourself just like them if you do not think with your hearts and pure minds. It is time for a true change within ourselves before we can really stand for anything else.

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