April 18, 2021


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Every artist gain a sense of identity when coming up with their stage name. Tha Realist identifies her name with just more than being real. As an artist, her name symbolizes the theory of realism, the ideology. “I am what you see”, she states.

The New Orleans-Westbank artist Tha Realist plans to drop her upcoming project “Inner•Jae”. She sits with Nyte Lyfe Lexx and discuss a few topics not only about music but life. From dealing with anxiety to creating music at your worst, Tha Realist shares her thoughts on coping with everyday issues.

Tha Realist has a song titled “Entanglement”, which came about with a friend in Philly. They decided to talk about things they both were dealing with and what people are going through. What a coincidence with the August and Smith ordeal happening, she went along with her plan already to put to the song out.

Tha Realist shares ways she coped with going through the pandemic. At times, of course things got hard. Such as having issues expressing yourself. Dealing with seasonal depression. She had to obtain the get up and get mood to continue on with being creative. She began to create music that was the opposite of a sad song. She began creating uplifting music. With the loss of her grandfather and the world taking losses, music became the go to for her.

Tha Realist shares how she deals with her shyness. When you meet this young lady, she seems very energetic and bright!! But in the inside she shares she can be quite shy. She shares that she also does gardening, finding more ways to find inspiration in anything. Tha Realist listens to India Arie for inspiration. She states “Love and Politics 1&2” are for healing where her music is unorthodox and different.

Tha Realist is not looking to be famous but ways to express herself, share art with others which becomes a form of therapy for her. Three years from now, Tha Realist wants to become a household name as an indie artist. As an artist being open to constructive criticism is sometime rare. Tha Realist accepts them all and actually listens to what best suites her.

Her ultimate goal to become transparent in the best way possible. Tha Realist is making new music and cannot wait to share with the world. Be sure to stay updated In The Nyte Lyfe!

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