May 6, 2021


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Bam Rogers Has Now “Prepared” The World With His New Mixtape – Exclusive Review

If you are looking for new music to listen to, it is advised to check out Bam Rogers’s new mixtape titled “Prepared”. You can only hear it exclusively on his website. You can link in his bio via instagram for the mixtape. The songwriter has completed his mixtape and now gives his fans what they been waiting for. He dropped his last project “Change of Plans” about two years ago. This mixtape set the bar as well as a needed sound. His music becomes timeless and relatable to all walks of lives. Prepared” is a 12-track mixtape with features from June Tha Rockstar, Frank The 5th, Timara Rogers, Rambo, and Bilbo Rogers. Bam Rogers shares that this mixtape was created with him and his family. With his family’s background in Gospel and R&B, Bam Rogers has an enlightenment of creativity which you can hear through his music.

As the mixtape was being reviewed, there are notes sharing thoughts of what the narrative of the project can be:

FACTS (BONUS) – This bonus track is the first song on the album. You may be used to hearing a bonus track at the very end of a project. The production of the song gives a suspense effect to where you continue to listen to what Bam Rogers has to say. He shares what he feels and is very adamant to make sure you feel him through the song.

FOUND CASE – With his sample of Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call” Bam Rogers sits you down into his world, a fantasy full of love and compassion. Bam describes his intimacy with full intent. His lyrics are soft with his voice but raw with the words he uses. He shows how he feels throughout this song from the beginning to the end.

BONE OPPETIT – This track begins with an acoustic spanish sound. Bam Rogers pops out literally, as he raps throughout the song. Bam Rogers is a very versatile individual. This song displays that Bam can express himself in various ways. With its feature from June Tha Rockstar, he comes with a similar vibe as Bam Rogers. Having both artists on a track compliments the album.

KILL BILL – This song depicts memories with women to the irony of his opponents. He repeatedly states “Bless Up Bless Up” in the beginning of the song. His voice gives a sense of effortless lyrics. As if words roll down his tongue, which created a highlight track for the project. The song is very short giving, you an urge to hear what he has next.

DBS/DON’T BE SHY – Bam shows his heartfelt side sharing his expeditions with a woman. He shares his love and intimacy with a woman. He is great at not only telling a love story but allowing you to visualize it as well. He caters to a woman’s sensuality as well as making the woman want to become submissive. Ladies allow yourself to listen to his voice on this track and I am sure you will feel every word spoken through “Don’t Be Shy”.

FUNDZ – With Frank The 5th featured on this song, he jumps head first into it with his nonchalant phrases “I Just want the fundz”. Both artists are letting it be known that the Fundz are the main goal. The production of the song gives it a laid back vibe. Bam Rogers shares with us what it means to be about your business. His flow on this track varies with different characters of himself. Do not let his beautiful voice and handsome face fool you. He is with it at all costs.

THE REALEST – The tone of this song has a cool vibe to it. Bam Rogers shows how he can adapt to any beat you may throw at him in the booth. Bam Rogers raps about what he really feels with no filter. That is his overall approach by the way. The production enhances the quality of the song. Meaning, it can be a highlight of the album.

MICROSCOPE – Bam Rogers depicts himself analyzing his loved one. Bam shares his love stories with no screening. Microscope is a song made to tell a story of a sexual encounter where you can visualize every move made. With the feature from Timara Rogers, there is a story to both sides. Becoming submissive is the main goal throughout the whole song. Timara Roger’s voice compliments the song so well. Wished the song could have lasted just a bit longer. Overall, this is one song we consider our favorite.

SWORRY – Bam Rogers seems to want to get his points across with “Sworry”. He chants “There’s some shit you can’t take away”. Bam knows how to carry a song the right way. As long as he can express his thoughts he can kill any beat whether he sings or rap. Very versatile.

RM RICH MADE – “Rich Made” featuring Frank The 5th is another highlighted song on the project. He opens the song on the chorus. He compliments the song with his voice, hearing his passion through the song. Bam Rogers is an artist who is known for heartfelt music. Allowing Frank The 5th to come along with his creativity allows balance within the song.

NOBODY ELSE – Here is a song where Bam Rogers gives us the illusion that he may be in a room alone, expressing his feeling for his lady. He sings “Nobody Else”. Bam Rogers shares his desires for his woman, showing how he becomes one with his partner. Describing her as his medicine, needing a fix. This song features artist Rambo, where they both express their thoughts of intimacy with women. The song is sensual, warm, and great for couples to vibe into for connections of love.

BEEN THREW IT ALL – Bam Rogers vents with his last song “Been Threw It All”. With Bilbo Rogers blessing the song, the collaboration of both artists completes the album. Bam Rogers pours his heart throughout the song. Bam Rogers gives an insight of what a true love relationship should consist of. No matter the flaws, the change, amending a relationship can sometimes be needed. He seems to pour his heart out on this song. Sharing his side of the story, hoping to rekindle something back into the relationship with love and trust.

“Prepared” shows more of a detailed side of Bam Rogers. He shares his inner thoughts more than ever with this project. “Prepared” allows you to get to know Bam Rogers in a higher state. You can tell that he has grown and you can sense that he went along and spoke what has been on his mind. Nothing seems scripted in this album. 2020 has been one crazy year for everyone. After listening to Bam Roger’s mixtape, you can hear that he has no filter and is giving you another side of him. It still will take time to understand what may be going on in his brain. He is now prepared for what the universe has in store for him. Whether it is dealing with love, abundance, success, he is now one step closer to completion of himself.

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