May 6, 2021


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Jeezy and Gucci Mane Gets Together In The Same Room During Their Verzuz Battle

When it was announced that Gucci Mane and Jeezy will be doing the Verzuz battle together, the entire world caught on fire. Who would have known for the Trap Gods will finally be in the same room together. Well it has finally came and we are are front centered watching the battle on Verzuz’s IG live. Both artists have had beef for some years now. So this battle will be marked in hip hop history, especially for Atlanta. T.I. was first the opponent for Jeezy and then out of no where it was announced that Gucci Mane replaced him. If T.I. would have battled Jeezy that would have been an easy win for the snowman, in our opinion. T.I. was saved to be honest. Jeezy will be dropping Recession 2 and Gucci shares he will drop an exclusive Trap God Classics as well. What a great marketing scheme!

With both Gucci and Jeezy’s catalogs, it has been kind of hard to figure who would win. Both artists has played a significant role in the rap game. Both has held the streets down with their dope boy lyrics. Now there are some pros and cons when it comes to who is the real Trap God. Real recognize real and many feel that is not the case for one of the opponents. It has been said that Jeezy isn’t the real Trap or Die nigga he claims to be. From being fake, not putting anyone one, to playing rat games with BMF. We believe in the real outlasting the fake. While everyone roots for who they feel is rightfully the Trap God, you got to go with the stats and whats really for the streets.

On another note, the song lists that each artist provides will determine who will win. You got to make sure you to play right with each song. Each song is detrimental to the battle. Well as the battle began Gucci Mane was cutting up, playing this as a sport. Every song Jeezy played, the couch got hit! Screaming hit after hit. Song after song, at least an hour later, Jeezy decides to speak on how he decided to do the battle to share this moment for the culture. Of course Gucci Mane was not hearing that. As we read the comments, the people become sentimental for Jezzy. But “FUCK ALLAT” some said. That changed the energy, while Gucci been nonchalant. This battle is smoking when you know the history behind these guys. Jeezy is saluted for making that statement. At the same time, its all or nothing under Gucci Mane’s Gucci frames.

Overall, after watching this legendary battle, it is hard to decide who actually won. Both artists came and did it for the culture. Who do you think won? Share your comments below.

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