April 18, 2021


Bringing Relevant News and Updates Back To Surface


Holiday season is here and this is the time families and friends come together. This year nearly every family has been affected by 2020 in a very major way. It’s been tough for everyone. Times are getting harder and help comes a long way.

Burns Original BBQ has teamed up with 1501 Certified and BossLife to make efforts in helping ones in need by giving a Community Thanksgiving Dinner for the city of Houston. Hot turkey and dressing dinners were served in Acres Homes Community on the north side of Houston.

As families line up to get food, Burns Original BBQ are geared up to give back and serve. Every year, the community awaits for this very special event. The community embraces Burns Bbq and friends’ assistance. What was so amazing is to see the smiles on everyone face. Burns Original Bbq and their team works hard to make sure everyone received a meal to take home. It was refreshing to see the teamwork. There was also hand sanitizers given out to everyone from Smoke Shield.

Carl Crawford, CEO of 1501 Certified gathers his team as they join forces with his family, Burns Bbq to bring out dinner plates for the people. His team was very adamant to help in any way possible to make this event a success. Carl Crawford is commended for his hard work, dedication, and sincere heart. He brightened up the entire time, giving thanks to be able to help his community, family and friends.

There were many special guests who came to support the community dinner. In attendance, Slim Thug, Erica Banks, PeeSupreme,Baby Bash, Stunna Bam, Og Ron C, Houston Representatives, Southern Heat Entertainment, Talents of Zenobia, Cynthia Bailey, and many more. The mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner also came to support. The mayor brightens up as he sees the people of the community show much gratitude for Burns Bbq work. The mayor shares with us why he is so thankful this year. He states that with all that we endured this year, us as a community still have a reason to smile. It’s been a tough year for everyone, but still we can smile and continue to see a bright future. The mayor shares that no matter what, he will never forget where he comes from. This is what made him who he is today.

It’s always great to see the community come together. Burns Bbq brings everyone one in as family no matter who they are. This was shown throughout the entire day. What this day shown us is that no matter the storm and the resilience in the face of adversity, our God has us covered. It showed faith has been strengthened. As we are going into the new year, things changed drastically. No matter the crazy things that are happening at this time, continue to show love, support, and care. The community as a whole will overcome these hard times. Giving thanks actually helps release the tension from the bodies. When you see nothing but hurt and heartaches, how can you still give thanks? By looking through a new lens. A lens of victory and faith. The God that is within us allows us to give thanks. So no matter what you may go through, ask yourself what you thankful for? You will have a brighter day!

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