April 18, 2021


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La Beezo Releases New Video To “Get Yo Roll On” – Watch Now

Uptown New Orleans rap artist La Beezo blesses his fans with a new video to his song “Get Yo Roll On” directed by TT Visuals. This song was released February 25th 2021. The intro to La Beezo’s songs screams out “OMG” which stands for “Only My Gang”. As a member of “Only My Gang”, it also includes rising artists WeedJunky and Beaux Leaux. O.M.G is heating up the city of New Orleans and their fans and supporters anticipate a great move for the gang.

La Beezo released song “Get Yo Roll On” where he shares his life and what he has been through I’m his music. The beat selection (produced by 2wooffishall) reminded him of the Cash Money Hot Boys. Configuring that sound with “Get Yo Roll On” was perfect. Also, paying homage to the New Orleans music and it’s culture was effortless. He also shares how he watched many get their roll on and he was one who didn’t always have it all. With his consistency and endurance, he speaks into existence his time is now and he is ready to get his roll on.

La Beezo has a unique sound which entitles him to be known as “The Voice”. He expresses himself through his music where true reality can relate. Today’s rap scene seems like action figures giving the perception of what a Gangster or what real can be. When this is not the truth these guys are speaking. La Beezo is bringing back truth and real rap music. His storytelling is very vivid and relatable to the streets. His music is grasping the nation one minute at a time.

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