April 22, 2021


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Get To Know Nyte Lyfe Lexx

Alexander “Nyte Lyfe Lexx ”Carter is Editor In Chief of Nytelyfemusic.com. She is originally from the west side of New Orleans. Lexx began writing about music to share her unique view and experiences with music as a young teenager. Now as a woman, she has created a voice for others across the world. She continues to write about rich culture to bring awareness to authenticy, lifestyle, news, rawness, and sharing others stories.

Nyte Lyfe Music is based on Authentic awareness of our Culture. We are hear to express music, art, conscious awareness topics, fashion, and more.

We give you access to live and written music reviews, Critique on Artist’s Crafts, Exclusive Shows and Events, Celebrity News, Latest Music Released, and more. We are here to give Relevancy back to Real Music and our Culture.

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