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Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch Has a Beat Battle On IG Live

During this time while everyone is inside to quarantine, the creatives are here to make something pass with time. As well as give back. Do you remember when Swizz Beatz and Timbaland battled each other with who has the best hits, this was that same mood. They both recruits some of the biggest names to beat battle online. What a time to be alive, literally!

Super Producers Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch join forces in a battle to play their greatest hits on Instagram live. Soon as the news hit IG, everyone was excited about this.

Mannie Fresh is a New Orleans pioneer within the southern creation of rap & hip hop. As a member of The Big Tymers and Cash Money Records his sounds changed the game. Also as the creator of massive beats with Cash Money, He created hits such as “Back That Ass Up”, “Bling Bling”, “Go Dj”, “Big Thangs Poppin” “Project Chick”, and too many more to name.

Scott Storch is from Philly, who not only produce but is a songwriter and a keyboarder. He has worked with the best in the game such as 50 cent, Dr.Dre, Chris Brown, The Roots, Fat Joe, Beyoncé, Nas, and the list just doesn’t stop. He has also paved the way by constructing beautiful timeless music that becomes hip hop to pop. Billboard after billboards. Scott has a major rap sheet.

Even though we caught the live half way through, these guys had a crazy battle that could have gone on much longer. As you look at the list above, Swizz Beatz shares the score of whether who won and/or had a Draw. Looking at the list, this seemed a bit unbalanced! Meaning if you look at the selection of songs each round. How do we compare “Let Me Love You” by Mario against “Still Fly” The Big Tymers? And who compares “Big Thangs Popping” by T.I. to “Candy Shop” with 50 cent? Man! Watching the live was becoming dreadful when Scott threw out the Beyoncé “Me, Myself, & I”. The live went nuts. gave the streets hope in this battle. Everything was classic within the streets, especially the South. He captivated the culture with no pressure. Why? Because he created most of its sounds today. Scott gave us groundbreaking hits that you could deny. From the biggest in the game of R&B to Hip Hop. It was crazy!

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@MANNIEFRESH THE GOAT THE GENIUS . fresh vs Scott Storch was kool for the culture an I respect it,,, but nigga this shit too deep,,, storch is kool wit the keys an all but fresh 808s an beat patterns is on some other shit,,, Fresh is a creator a fucking beat god it’s too deep,,, they both got hit records but Mannie is just a better producer period… not going hard just cause I’m from NEW ORLEANS but I’m a producer too an this shit is deep as fk, Fresh is like a teddy Riley of southern rap beats… I see a lot of hiphop heads tryna dis credit fresh an I’m riding behind him. Mannie got hard shit that would make Scott Storch look ordinary…ima put it like this… FRESH DRUMS OUT WEIGHT SCOTT KEYS… instead of songs they should’ve played instrumentals I would’ve rather hear that… JUST MY OPPION but FRESH BETTER!!!!! would luv to see a collab doe… but this my flowers to my hommie while he’s still alive an I been riding wit him since BUCK JUMP TIME… I was a lil boy bucking to fresh beat… Scott wouldn’t even comprehend to yo some shit like that.. too any producer ouchea I want u to remake a Mannie fresh beat an u will see what I mean,,, try to remake “HA instrumental an watch how yo fucking lil fruity loop crash 😂😂😂 but seriously bro fresh mind am skills is just too deep… luv u fresh! 🖤🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 an not too many other producers who got a lot of hit records not fuckin wit fresh either… Mannie just breath different

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This battle was first initiated with T Pain and Scott Storch but then changed with Mannie Fresh. This battle was a bit unfair, in our opinion. They states Scott Storch won this battle. But many argued Mannie was more for the streets. His ammunition was based off his career with Cash Money Records where he was under for years. Who else Scott should have battled? We are looking forward to see what’s next. TPain will go toe to toe with ATL’s Lil Jon this weekend. These battles will forever leave its mark for its fans to remember.


Dj Chose Gifts Fans With His Latest Project “Took Me Forever”

Super Producer and Songwriter Dj Chose has recently released a project titled “Took Me Forever”. He blesses fans with 17 tracks with features from Fredo Banks, Chubb C, and City 3000. The Texas native has been working a rapid pace and now shares more of his talents for you to hear. He has produced for Kevin Gates, NBA Young Boy, Megan The Stallion, Pee Supreme, Lil Keke, Beat King, and a host of more artists. Listen to his latest and share below:

Pee Supreme Drops New Music For You To Vibe & Dance To – Flex Stretch (Listen Now)

We all need to loosen up sometime, especially when things are rough or a hard day at work. Houston’s Female artist Pee Supreme has a new song we all need in our lives. She combines her creative Houston flows with a New Orleans bounce flow. “Flex Stretch” should be on the playlist for your daily workouts. Kick off your routine with a little flex, then stretch!

Pee Supreme never disappoints with her bars. She shows off her skills on her new song “Flex Stretch”. Her voice demands your ears to actually listen to what she has to say. This southern chick may be pretty and petite, but her voice and lyrics roars like a lion. If you need something to give you a boost throughout your day, “Flex Stretch” will become your go to song to bring in energetic vibes.

Pee Supreme also releases the remix of her project “Ready”. The Chopped and Screwed tapes and remixes has been apart of Houston’s music culture for years. To this day, it is still an honor to even have your music “Chopped Not Slopped” by OG RON C.

OG RON C had been chopping up tapes for years. In 2001 DJ Screw the founder of the hip hop sub-genre of SCREW passed and OG RON C had a vision of keeping DJ SCREW music alive!

Listen to Pee Supreme’s latest music below:

Duo TheBrosFresh Shares New Visual To “Wedding Ring” – Watch It Now

The talented duo THEBROSFRESH has been creating refreshing content for quite some time. Their visuals They created a niche for mixing R&B with some soulful sounds. The Louisiana twins has a new visual to their song titled “Wedding Ring” which on their project “Plan A”.

Louisiana Natives Thurman and Torrence Thomas as “THEBROSFRESH”

The video to “Wedding Ring” begins like a cinematic movie. The neon lights throughout the video keep your eyes more attentive to the song itself. As these brothers are dressed nicely with tailored suits, they are greeted by beautiful ladies dressed in fluorescent lining on their clothing. From the old school diner to the old school Cadillac, The Wedding Ring has created several vibes to encounter.

Be sure to check out more of their music by clicking to their website below.

Daniel Heartless Has A New Visual To “Stay 1 Up” – Watch It Now

Betrayal could be the worst feeling you can imagine right? New Orleans Westbank’s Daniel Heartless gives us a vivid look in new video titled “Stay 1 Up”. The visual shares his relationship with his girlfriend and the other woman. Daniel gets caught in a jam as his lady finds him with another woman in their home! What a way to get yourself hurt. The song has a direct meaning to it. Don’t be fooled, sometimes loyalty becomes vague. Plus there is no time to waste, but to hustle. Seemed both parties were playing games. No one is modest in this video. And you would have to watch it to see how. Click the link below to watch full video.

Daniel Heartless

Malcom A Releases His Latest EP – Dreamer (Listen Now)

Hip Hop Artist Malcom A has a surprise for his fans and supporters. He just released his latest EP, Dreamer. The five track EP has a burst of many sounds many can relate to.

He has alarming features from all prominent artists from New Orleans; he has Dawn Richards, Kidd Kidd, and 3D Natee. Each song on the EP has its own significant meaning. Something for every mood you can think of. Be sure to check out his music by clicking the link below.

Freeway Rick Ross Shares Life After Federal Prison & Being A Major Impact in The Cocaine Epidemic

Rick Ross became a major figure in the crack cocaine trade in Los Angeles in the 1990s. He was later sentenced to life in Federal Prison. He now devotes his time and energy to assist the younger generation in the communities across the globe. He used to make 2-3 million dollars a day in that line of work. Now he is a well known mentor and plans to be the biggest marijuana seller on the planet.

As Rick Ross is on his third book which is called “21 Keys of Success, shares how he began working with Author Kolie Crutcher. Kolie followed him and his life six months after being released from prison. The book will share struggles, disappointments, joy, and much more. It will help anyone if they abide by the principles shared in his book.

As we know, the artist Rick Ross with Maybach Music, uses him name willingly. The Real Rick Ross says that the artist doesn’t embrace him and show the respect as he should. He has no relationship with Rick Ross and says Rozay denies getting the name from him. He still wishes him the best.

As for prison reform, he will continue to asssist those in need of knowledge and resources. He is a mentor and counsels others on how to strive in the struggles on this planet.

He stated how John Singleton ripped him off from “Snow Fall”. He wasn’t too pleased with it and what’s everyone to know who story that really is.

Freeway Rick Ross describes himself as a black man within struggles as most men. He shares his legacy by moving forward. He keeps growing and become inspired by most who counted him out. His obituary was written about 1998 in a Texas magazine. The article was found the same year he was released. Not only was he not dead but he was able to see within the future. He began to thrive more than many would imagine.

Rick Ross is one man who believes in giving someone a shot in life. It’s imperative to embrace our people and motivate them as well. His energy filled the room during his interview. He shares a different light that gives him a flourishing aspect on life. Despite his past, and actually living it, he still seems humble and a lord willing man. He have other ventures such as working in boxing, having a clothing line, real estate, and more. He shares with some advice to become a critical thinker and believe in yourself.

Ha’Sizzle Give His Flowers To Those Who Where An Impact In Bounce Music Culture

New Orleans Bounce Artist Ha’Sizzle is the one see live if you need to get loose, let go, and dance. Growing up in the Calliope Projects watching everyone dancing from friends to his mom had him wanting to show out. The wiggles, the shakes, the rump rocking, the swiggles, is what describes Ha’Sizzle’s music. He is also featured on Lil Wayne’s “Funeral” that just released on song “Clap For Em”. He hears his tongue rolls throughout the song. He shares how excited he was to hear it.

He shares his reaction as overly excited seeing Lizzo perform at SNL shaking to his music. He was wrapped into the TV watching not only because of Lizzo but to how the world is getting a taste of Bounce Music and who he is.

Until this day, we listen to the the new and old generations of bounce music equally. It shall never die. We today can hear a song from Magnolia Shorty, Messy Mya, Vockah Redu, Sissy Nobby, as if it was just released yesterday . That sound and creativity never goes gets old. Ha’Sizzle feels artists such as 5th Ward Weebie, Choppa, Soulja Slim, Mannie Fresh, and Big Freedia were ones to pave the way for New Orleans bounce music and its culture. He shares a new project to look forward to called “Church of Twerk” He will be going on tour this April and says to wait for future dates.

Bounce artist Ha’Sizzle talks about his collab with Drake in “Child’s Play” (Views) which is sampled from “She Rode That Dick Like A Soilder”. Ha’Sizzle released the track in 2005, around the same time of Hurricane Katrina. He was overwhelmed to hear the song played over the phone for the first time. He became the first bounce artist to be sampled by Drake!

Ha’Sizzle understands the frustration of New Orleans artists not getting the credit deserved. The city may not get that exposure it’s needed to the complete breakthrough to open up the gates to more success.


He wants the world to hear the real bounce beat. He is enthused how the culture is being embraced and to be apart of these moments in a major way. His energy is very bright and welcoming. He truly have a passion for what he do as an artist and performer. He shall continue to keep the movement alive with his music.

No Lookin Back Interview With International T

New Orleans Rap Artist International T has been in the game for some time showing how it is to be authentic in this music world. Breaking barriers and making his name stand alone shows this consistency as an artist.

International T last project “No Lookin 2” gives an overview of his life. His latest singles are “Ballin” featuring Dave East and “”For Real” with Jim Jones. The artist is now joined with Harlem’s Jim Jones and Vamp Life. International shares how Jim Jones took a liking to his vibe and of course, his music.

Looking at his work and how he has been putting his city in a position to be seen, the mind wonders how he isn’t embraced as much. Having a legend such as Jim Jones to work with an artist such as T should allow others and media platforms to share what he is doing. You may ask, well is his music dope enough? International T music is based on his reality. He speaks a different language from most artists in today’s society. He has a humble heart and embrace the truth as he should. As a fan of identity, International will always set himself aside.

International T openly talks about his recent ordeal with the Feds arresting him coming back from his video shot in Jamaica. After listening to his song “Blessed” it’s depicts his tough situation.

Be sure to watch our full interview via YouTube on Nyte Lyfe Lexx page. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates on International T and many more.

International T with Dave East shooting video “Ballin”
Super Producer HeatMakerz and International T