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Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch Has a Beat Battle On IG Live

During this time while everyone is inside to quarantine, the creatives are here to make something pass with time. As well as give back. Do you remember when Swizz Beatz and Timbaland battled each other with who has the best hits, this was that same mood. They both recruits some of the biggest names to beat battle online. What a time to be alive, literally!

Super Producers Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch join forces in a battle to play their greatest hits on Instagram live. Soon as the news hit IG, everyone was excited about this.

Mannie Fresh is a New Orleans pioneer within the southern creation of rap & hip hop. As a member of The Big Tymers and Cash Money Records his sounds changed the game. Also as the creator of massive beats with Cash Money, He created hits such as “Back That Ass Up”, “Bling Bling”, “Go Dj”, “Big Thangs Poppin” “Project Chick”, and too many more to name.

Scott Storch is from Philly, who not only produce but is a songwriter and a keyboarder. He has worked with the best in the game such as 50 cent, Dr.Dre, Chris Brown, The Roots, Fat Joe, Beyoncé, Nas, and the list just doesn’t stop. He has also paved the way by constructing beautiful timeless music that becomes hip hop to pop. Billboard after billboards. Scott has a major rap sheet.

Even though we caught the live half way through, these guys had a crazy battle that could have gone on much longer. As you look at the list above, Swizz Beatz shares the score of whether who won and/or had a Draw. Looking at the list, this seemed a bit unbalanced! Meaning if you look at the selection of songs each round. How do we compare “Let Me Love You” by Mario against “Still Fly” The Big Tymers? And who compares “Big Thangs Popping” by T.I. to “Candy Shop” with 50 cent? Man! Watching the live was becoming dreadful when Scott threw out the Beyoncé “Me, Myself, & I”. The live went nuts. gave the streets hope in this battle. Everything was classic within the streets, especially the South. He captivated the culture with no pressure. Why? Because he created most of its sounds today. Scott gave us groundbreaking hits that you could deny. From the biggest in the game of R&B to Hip Hop. It was crazy!

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@MANNIEFRESH THE GOAT THE GENIUS . fresh vs Scott Storch was kool for the culture an I respect it,,, but nigga this shit too deep,,, storch is kool wit the keys an all but fresh 808s an beat patterns is on some other shit,,, Fresh is a creator a fucking beat god it’s too deep,,, they both got hit records but Mannie is just a better producer period… not going hard just cause I’m from NEW ORLEANS but I’m a producer too an this shit is deep as fk, Fresh is like a teddy Riley of southern rap beats… I see a lot of hiphop heads tryna dis credit fresh an I’m riding behind him. Mannie got hard shit that would make Scott Storch look ordinary…ima put it like this… FRESH DRUMS OUT WEIGHT SCOTT KEYS… instead of songs they should’ve played instrumentals I would’ve rather hear that… JUST MY OPPION but FRESH BETTER!!!!! would luv to see a collab doe… but this my flowers to my hommie while he’s still alive an I been riding wit him since BUCK JUMP TIME… I was a lil boy bucking to fresh beat… Scott wouldn’t even comprehend to yo some shit like that.. too any producer ouchea I want u to remake a Mannie fresh beat an u will see what I mean,,, try to remake “HA instrumental an watch how yo fucking lil fruity loop crash 😂😂😂 but seriously bro fresh mind am skills is just too deep… luv u fresh! 🖤🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 an not too many other producers who got a lot of hit records not fuckin wit fresh either… Mannie just breath different

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This battle was first initiated with T Pain and Scott Storch but then changed with Mannie Fresh. This battle was a bit unfair, in our opinion. They states Scott Storch won this battle. But many argued Mannie was more for the streets. His ammunition was based off his career with Cash Money Records where he was under for years. Who else Scott should have battled? We are looking forward to see what’s next. TPain will go toe to toe with ATL’s Lil Jon this weekend. These battles will forever leave its mark for its fans to remember.


No Lookin Back Interview With International T

New Orleans Rap Artist International T has been in the game for some time showing how it is to be authentic in this music world. Breaking barriers and making his name stand alone shows this consistency as an artist.

International T last project “No Lookin 2” gives an overview of his life. His latest singles are “Ballin” featuring Dave East and “”For Real” with Jim Jones. The artist is now joined with Harlem’s Jim Jones and Vamp Life. International shares how Jim Jones took a liking to his vibe and of course, his music.

Looking at his work and how he has been putting his city in a position to be seen, the mind wonders how he isn’t embraced as much. Having a legend such as Jim Jones to work with an artist such as T should allow others and media platforms to share what he is doing. You may ask, well is his music dope enough? International T music is based on his reality. He speaks a different language from most artists in today’s society. He has a humble heart and embrace the truth as he should. As a fan of identity, International will always set himself aside.

International T openly talks about his recent ordeal with the Feds arresting him coming back from his video shot in Jamaica. After listening to his song “Blessed” it’s depicts his tough situation.

Be sure to watch our full interview via YouTube on Nyte Lyfe Lexx page. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates on International T and many more.

International T with Dave East shooting video “Ballin”
Super Producer HeatMakerz and International T

Treme Sidewalk Steppers Presents 2020 She-King-Mona Scott-Young

The Treme Sidewalk Steppers invited us to their 2020 Royal Gala as they celebrate King Mr. Hiram Smith and She-King Mona Scott-Young at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans. February 7th, The gala presented a celebration of culture, commemorating our very rich African heritage. This celebration was given to you “Nola Style” kicking off The Mardi Gras Season. The theme of the gala had a cultural African vibe related to “Coming To America”. This Gala was very formal and would be beyond anyone’s imagination how beautiful this event would be.

King Mr. Hiram Smith and She-King Mona Scott -Young

The room was filled with so many beautiful people that it became overwhelmed with the greatest energy you can ever possess. We saw TV personality and entrepreneur Phaedra Parks and the beautiful Tami Roman, TV personality and member of Mona’s Royal Court. Their support and presence was very fulfilling to see.

Mona Scott-Young introduces her Royal Court of Queens which are beautiful ladies that are her sisters. She states how not only does some ladies work with her but are also her very close friends. Stephanie Mills, Trevia Williams, Keisha Jack, Tami Roman, Stephanie Gayle, Johnna Lister, Laetitia Anguh, were all apart of showcasing unity as beauty, strength, and becoming lord-willing as women. Sharing moments like these will leave a mark on each of these ladies hearts, as they witness something so powerful, yet beautiful at the same time.

The Royal Court of Queens before They Take Of For The Sidewalk Steppers Secondline

The Royal Gala had the best music where no one was sitting at a table. The entire room was filled with everyone dancing, smiling, and just full of enjoyment. Our New Orleans culture is heavily influenced by music. There were so much joy within the room, you had no choice but to dance!

There were performances by :

  • Major – Grammy nominated Musician
  • New Orleans Bounce Artist- Big Freedia
  • New Orlean’s Rap Artist – Juvenille
  • New Orlean’s Female Artist – Mia X
Nyte Lyfe Lexx and New Orleans Legendary Mia X

As the sponsor of the event, The Mane Choice granted all hair wishes your hair would desire! Everyone was gifted with their “Fro The Culture” BOLD Buttery Gel and the Triple layer Leave-In. The beautiful ladies working with The Mane Choice were great at assisting everyone with all questions on phow to maintain great hair. Their presence and gratitude towards the people was a great thing to see. The CEO of The Mane Choice Courtney Adeleye was present in supports of The Royal Gala. She was stunning in her beautiful gown by MNM Couture, giving us pure African culture and beauty.

The Mane Choice- photo taken by #TKOI
The Mane Choice- photo taken by #TKOI
CEO of The Mane Choice Looking Stunning Before The Royal Gala

We were presented with cocktails and drinks from MYX fusions, Branson Cognac, Bartenura Wines, LVOV Vodka, and more.

There was great support from sponsors Monami Entertainment, Hiram Style, Treme Sidewalk Steppers, The Mane Choice and benefits the Because I Can Foundation, Inc., a non-profit that educates youth based on community needs.

We like to thank Angela L. Young, Dee “The Nola Chic” Hollins and Anita Muhammad, M.Ed for sharing with us about this event! As women working together in unity, we possessed a great time to connect with each other during this weekend of festivities!

Overall, the Royal Gala became a huge success with gathering people from all walks of life in one room. The gathering to kick off this Mardi Gras season was a complete success. The Sidewalk Steppers out for themselves every year with their events for the community to be involved in. What should we expect next year!

Owner Gregoire Tillery Shares His New Location in New Orleans East For We Dat Chicken & Shrimp

Entreprenuer Gregoire Tillery began a business venture with just a food truck in 2013 to now having several locations. The New Orleans Own “We Dat Chicken and Shrimp” is known for their delicious wings and specialty items from their menu. Their flavor bursting seasoning has customers happy after every visit! Learning about his new partnerships are also inspriring. He shares how his We Dat’s seasoning is now on shelves of Rouses Grocery Stores and being apart of their recent Super Bowl ads. We also learned that they also has partnered with The New Orleans Pelicans Basketall Team.

Shot by J. Stephen Young
Gregoire Tillery, owner of We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp holds his layout of upcoming restaurant with a drive-thru

Now that CEO Gregoire Tillery manages to have several locations in his city, he raises the bar by adding a new location in the New Orleans East. What makes this location unique is that there will be a drive-thru. We got the chance to visit his newest location as we talk about what he has coming next.

Greg shares how working in the corporate world in the past motivated him into becoming his own boss. It was always instilled in him to hustle and make more money. In high school he had that entrepreneurial spirit by selling snacks on the side. He stated how he sold newspapers to even coffee, he did it all. He continued to strive and kept faith to become a prominent restaurant owner.

What makes his newest location so unique is that the New Orleans East is still affected from Hurricane Katrina from 2015. His new store is in an area that hasn’t fully been occupied since then. Having his We Dat’s in the neighborhood would be a relief for his customers that are always traveling to his farther locations.

Nyte Lyfe Lexx, Greg Tillery, and Darren Ogden
Shot by J. Stephen Young

Greg’s perseverance and drive throughout his journey has become a major motivation. This interview captures his authentic self, sharing what allows him to continue to move forward. What more can this guy do as we begin the year 2020? Let’s stay updated with his progressions!

See Why “It’s Asshole” Creates A Total Vibe – NyteLyfe Exclusive

Looking for a different sound from hip hop artists this year? Well have a moment to check out Houston’s artist AssHole In Gold as he applies pressure. He has an EP titled “It’s Asshole” which creates a whole vibe anyone can enjoy. The artists has been influenced the most from the original southern music. You can feel that presence throughout his tracks in “It’s Asshole”.

The EP has seven tracks that gives your ears everything they should need in music. He has features from Chucky Trill on “Register To Carry” and Jui$e Leroy on “For The South”. There is production of the EP by Texaz Tee, Trakksounds,Healthy Habitz, Accent Beats, and Necronam Beatz.

Be sure to listen to his EP including his videos below:

Who’s Ready For The Vock Fest V – Nyte Lyfe Exclusive Events

If you never experienced The Vock Fest from New Orleans Bounce Legend, Vockah Redu, then you have yet to see a spectacular concert! Vockah Redu Presents his spectacular festival where he conjoin with artists, each with an unique voice in Houston. Vockah explains how these are artists who he personally enjoys.

This year Vock Fest 5 with have a host of celebrity guests which includes SupaCent, Owner of The Crayon Case, Dawn Richards, and Vincent Powell. There will be a vast variety of vendors, food trucks, VIP sections and services, and much more!

Tickets are on sale and going fast! Reserve your spot now to experience this night:

Trae The Truth Shares Plans For 2020

The Hometown Hero, Trae The Truth, visits New Orleans with Snoop Dogg on the “I Wanna Thank Me” Tour. While he is still on duty assisting helping others, he continue to go hard for fans supporting his music. Trae The Truth has been making a huge impact for his community with his team The Relief Gang. He has the latest album titled “Exhale” and single “Slidin”. He gives updates on his attributes with his impact on Houston, better yet the world.

Trae The Truth discusses what A.B.N. means which is (Asshole By Nature). He also shares how it also symbolizes (Angel By Nature). The Houston artist has done so much within the community that it’s beyond thoughts of what you can think of. With unfortunate circumstances with the weather, a rainy day could literally flood the streets in a second. He advise that the city improves its drainage system so that this can help the rain flows.

While on tour, Trae The Truth manages to continue giving back to the less fortunate. Below you can see him become Santa, brightening children’s smiles.

He gives his city a field day with his week long festivities along with “Trae Day” every year. He has special guests come in supports to give back to the community. You are allowed in the same room with some of your favorite celebrities. Trae Day becomes a great time to network and have fun, especially for the kids.

View Trae’s interview with NolaZine as he discusses more about what to expect in 2020 and more:

Gucci Mane Shares With The World about His Growth – Watch It Now

The new Gucci Mane interview has surfaced the internet. With his new album dropping “Wopster2” and latest collaboration with Gucci, this interview allows fans to indulge into his life. On October 17th, Gucci Mane sit down with Charlamagne Tha God. This also becomes Gucci’s 101 project out today. What a true blessing and hard work!

Gucci speaks with Charlamagne about his marriage with Keyshia Ka’Oir. His marriage became the pivotal change of his life after prison. His wife played a key factor in his turnaround. Gucci Mane lost trust with many close to him. He trusted his wife and states how he needed her. Their marriage helped Gucci mature as a men and a husband.

Charlamagne asks him about a few artists that were signed to him. He explains how he released Young Thug and Ralo because he could not do anything more for them. He states how he introduced The Migos to Coach K and QC. He explains how everything was fair and he look at his artists as his friends. He also talks about his relationship with Kodak Black. Kodak payed homage to Gucci by getting a feature from him when he first came home. He expressed how their friendship grows and their talks about growth.

Charlamagne and Gucci Mane

Gucci has always had an eye for artists. As long as we have known him, anyone he co-signed became a star. From Young Thug, Peewee Longway, Future, Migos, and Young Dolph, we know them from Gucci Mane. His list of producers are also platinum from Zaytoven, Honorable C Note, 808 Mafia, Dun Deal, and more.

Overall the interview was enlightening and refreshing. The fact to hear Gucci explanation his faults and understand his influence to the world was meaningful. He shares how he had to apologize several times to his friends. He has matured into a better man. Charlamagne also shows his maturity in the interview. Meaning he did a great job with Gucci, alone. It may spark some rings that Charlamagne did this interview without the rest of the Breakfast Club. Gucci has a little beef with Angela Yee. Of course he addressed their beef but we advise you to watch the interview for yourself!

Rap Legend Scarface Runs For Houston City Council

What a major move for Houston’s Legend Rap Artist Brad “Scarface” Jordan to run as Member of Councilman for District D. As former member of “The Geto Boys” and Facemob, the Artist is taking on a new journey in his life.

Three days ago, he posted on instagram “Should I Run For Houston City Council?” He announced via social media (Saturday June 8th) that he will be running.

As he considers his career change, his fans and supporters insists this will be one of the best moves for the city. As he is currently taking donations on behalf of his run, he seems to be building up the momentum to serve his community.

He has spent up to 30 years serving his fans with platinum selling records. June 26th is also Brad “Scarface” Jordan Day in Houston. We look forward to what will come up within the next few weeks.

Not only does he give fans the music but good deeds within the community. Mr. Brad has also taught High School students about the Music Business at Jake Yates High School in Houston.

Many are excited of the good news that the legend has bought up front.

Gucci Gets Banned After Blackface Designs Surface

Social media has went into a frenzy about Gucci advertising their blackface sweater. The sweater becomes questionable and the black community becomes furious! Why would Gucci even put out such a design, even during black history month?

Many in the hip hop community blasts the high end fashion brand. Soulja Boy, T.I., Waka Flocka, and more goes in on Gucci and how they no longer will be supporting this brand. With most of blacks buying and flaunting the brand, this becomes a slap in the face to one of their biggest buyers.

Gucci sends out an apology:

As a whole, we should stop supporting these brands that still embrace to racist acts from the elite. We need to become more supportive of our black owned businesses that create clothing for our body design. These European brands don’t even fit us properly. Why do our black people complain but never make a call to action not to support these brands that care less? We are in high hopes that our people get the picture one day to end The ill mannered actions.