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Lil Kim Debuts Her Latest Album “9” – Listen Now

“The Brooklyn Queen Bee” Lil Kim drops a new album this year titled “9” for her fans to indulge in. This becomes her 5th album studio album which was released October 11, 2019. It’s been 14 years since her last album in 2005 dropped, “The Naked Truth”.

The album consist of nine tracks, which includes appearances by Rick Ross, Musiq Soulchild, Rich The Kid, O.T. Genasis, and City Girls.

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The first track on the album is “Pray For Me” featuring Rick Ross and Musiq Soulchild. The song brings a different vibe into the album and may have many wonder what’s next. The third track featuring Rich The Kid is one of our favorites titled “Catch My Wave”. “Jet Fuel” is also has a dope track to rock too.

Overall, the Legendary female artist knows how to bounce back. Especially after her hiatus in the hip hop world. It’s very exciting and mind blowing how she process several Vibes for her fans to enjoy. As this becomes the first installment of “9”, we will update you with the second part.

Listen to Lil Kim’s “9” album now!


Another Win For Pro Boxer Marquis Taylor-Friday Night Fight

Taken by: Doug Photos

“What a time to be alive” after witnessing an amazing fight in Houston at The Arena Theater, October 4th. The Darwin Price Vs. Breidis Prescott fight was presented by Lions Only Promotions and PBC. Anticipation boils as the city awaits the big night for Darwin Price, Marquis Taylor, and Quinton Randall. Victory spreads across the venue as each of these boxers bring home “The Win”.

Our Editor Nyte Lyfe Lexx experiences a new atmosphere where many eat, breath, and live boxing. Friday Night Fight in Houston was a night to remember.

We watched several KOs, defeated, and undefeated matches this night. You can view the stats of the fight at

Our ending adventure was with “Mr Marvelous” Marquis Taylor (11-1-1) He was definitely in beast mode, especially after the hostility during the weigh-in the day before. At the weigh in, opponent Jeremy Nichols chants out “Night Night” and laughs aloud as if this will be an easy win for him. But little did he know. This had to be one of the most interesting fights of the night, which was validated by the crowd. His opening had all eyes on him, as he bought out Super Producer DJ Chose to “Everywhere I Go”.

Taken by: Doug Photos

His opponent Jeremy Nichols seemed for sure this will be a win for him. As round after round goes, the opponent showed his inability to keep up. Marquis Taylor kept striving to rise up and shortens his punches. The crowd goes crazy, watching every jab thrown. The fight had everyone at the edge of their seats.

From Marquis Fight, it is showed that this is a sport of dedication and the ability to learn your opponents. Mr. Marvelous took the win for his city. He fights hard for his titles and continues to training until this very day! We want to congratulate his team, Southern Heat Entertainment, family and friends for the victory!

Un Kasa Unfolds The Truth About Purple City Bird Gang

Harlem Rap Artist Un Kasa gives us the truth about the real deal of Purple City Bird Gang. The 90s group consisted of Shiest Bub, Un Kasa, and Agallah. It seems that a whole lot of sucka shit was going on with Purple City. Un Kasa explains how the group was actually an act of hate and misfortunes. With fame being the main reasons artists want to be on, it can create demise and have any team break up. Un Kasa shares how Shiest Bub gets on IG live and condems his platform now on Youtube. Un Kasa shares how he was never a hater and doesn’t know why Bub is even speaking on his name.

A few things unfold as Un Kasa expose the real deals behind Purple City Bird Gang. Kasa clarifies he wrote for Bubz, helped them get access to exclusive studios, worked on the whole movement. Kasa and Ag left Purple City for the hate and wrongful acts.

We always were fans of the Dipset and Purple City movement. Un Kasa played a big part in the memories we still capture from its movement. What becomes a disappointment is the stories of the betrayls, hate, misconduct of contracts, and more. Un Kasa states in his vlog that he do not want to remember ever dealing with Purple City nor Dipset. From hearing his side of the story, it gives us a better idea of what artists really go through in real life.

Watch all of his episodes on Youtube below!

The Goddess Solé Releases her New Album “Encoded”

This Libra season has been blessed with new music from female artist Solé , September 28th. You may know her from her hardcore hip hop music from the 90’s. She appeared on J.T. Money’s single “Who Dat” in 1999. As she progressed, she decided to go a greater route in her life which is much respected. She decides not be apart of the womanizing and programming promotion that the urban industry promotes. The well respected artist is giving women and fans across the world a demanding yet moving project called “Encoded”.

The Queen is celebrating her 20th anniversary of her first album “Skin Deep”. “Encoded” shares messages of being a queen, self consciousness, great energy, and love. Her production on this isn’t a cool breeze. Meaning it has a hard touch to it. Something we do not hear from female rap artists today. Her bars has a lesson to be learned at the same time. Her voice is demanding all ears to listen to her words which has always been her uniqueness.

“Encoded” has an ultimate vibe for anyone who needs to be lifted with real music. Solé is blessing all the melanin queens, especially alpha women. The album has 12 tracks with features from Herb Alkhemyst, her husband Professor Griff, Shurhea Upendo, DJ Nabs, Sam Salter and Shae Jones. Every feature created a beautiful story line throughout the album.

The album created an entire mood needed in this time our life. Our generation need this the most. That is why we had to bring awareness to Solé new project. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Add it to your playlist, send it to your sister or lover. Support true Queens!

Bedroom Talk with Intimacy Consultant Latina Whatley

Having bedroom talk with Intimacy Consultant Latina Whatley was very insightful and informative for singles and couples! As owner of Restored Royalty and consultant with Bedroom Kandi, Latina shares how ladies can keep it classy and active in their sex life.

With products such as lubrication, toys, garments, makeup, skincare and more, Latina offer consultations to enhance your intimacy concerns. Be sure to connect with Restored Royalty, it is a must in your life!


Rick Ross Debuts His New Album “Port Of Miami 2” – NLM EXCLUSIVE

Ricky Rozay had his fans patiently waiting for his debut album “ Port Of Miami”. This become the next book with many chapters from the first “Port Of Miami” released thirteen years ago. The album features Nipsey Hussle, Jeezy, Drake, Wale, Dej Loaf, Meek Mills, Lil Wayne, and more.

We all know the King Of Carol City creates the dopest music for every boss. The real question is “Will Rick Ross give the streets what they been missing?” We need to know he is going to keep it a buck and a 1000 with his day one fans and supporters.

After nine albums and a bag full of hits, Ricky Rozay do not have to prove he makes beautiful music. As time pass, the music should be timeless. Let’s see if he keeps up with that and give us what we been missing.

He open up with his current single “Act A Fool” featuring his artist Wale. With production by Beat Billionaire, that raunchy, raw, vibe came soaring. Now going into the album, we expect that momentum throughout the Listening.

Our next pick is “Nobody’s Favorite” featuring Gunplay. This has that street motivation touch to it. Gunplay killed the song and delivered highly. He becomes one of the best features on the project.

“Bogus Charms” became a norm once hearing it. With the duo collaborations of Meek and Rozay, they always tell a story. It’s a beautiful song, true, and heartfelt. Plus Rick loves to make classics. But this collab should have been gutter and trill with upmost disrespect. At least another track for the streets.

You will feel his song “Born To Kill” featuring Jeezy. This track was authentic as Jeezy came with his presence. “I Still Pray” is also a heartfelt song. Lucci and Ball Greezy definitely went hard on this track. The melodies has a chilling effect where you can reminisce.

Listen how he comes on “Running The Streets” with A Boogie with The Hoodie, and Denzel Curry. This collaboration was giving much life to the tape. The production to the flow of both artists was good quality. You can feel A Boogie the most.

Vegas Residency became the ultimate vibe of what we know of “Port Of Miami”. The track was produced by The Justice League. Of course it’s a hard song if they touched it!

Maybach Music VI was a surprise featuring John Legend and Lil Wayne. That’s it? Many will anticipate more from this. The vibes were there but not what we are used to from the Boss himself.

Again, Rick Ross do not have to prove himself to anyone with his huge list of hits. This album shows his progression as an artists, a black man, just a human being. He is transitioning life as success becomes ten fold. But we need non stop rawness. Rick Ross delivered, not just for what we really and truly need. His sound is for feel good vibes. For the dope dealers to get motivated from. Many songs had same parts of production we know from latest projects which is fine. But what truly inspires Rick Ross?

Rick always will have a great catalog of work. From Port Of Miami, Teflon Don, and Lord Forgives, I Don’t. There were some albums that didn’t grasp the attention such as Mastermind or Black Market (Not the mixtape because it was better than everything we talking about right now.) We appreciate Rick Ross line of work. Hopefully he can give us some mixtapes. It may fill that hole in our fan’s hearts. Listen to the album and give us your thoughts.

Rap Legend Scarface Runs For Houston City Council

What a major move for Houston’s Legend Rap Artist Brad “Scarface” Jordan to run as Member of Councilman for District D. As former member of “The Geto Boys” and Facemob, the Artist is taking on a new journey in his life.

Three days ago, he posted on instagram “Should I Run For Houston City Council?” He announced via social media (Saturday June 8th) that he will be running.

As he considers his career change, his fans and supporters insists this will be one of the best moves for the city. As he is currently taking donations on behalf of his run, he seems to be building up the momentum to serve his community.

He has spent up to 30 years serving his fans with platinum selling records. June 26th is also Brad “Scarface” Jordan Day in Houston. We look forward to what will come up within the next few weeks.

Not only does he give fans the music but good deeds within the community. Mr. Brad has also taught High School students about the Music Business at Jake Yates High School in Houston.

Many are excited of the good news that the legend has bought up front.

Behind The Scenes at The Block Party for Video Shoot Of “Throw Fits”

We were on the scene for the upcoming video of “Throw Fits” with Juvenile, Yung Miami, G-Eazy, and Super Producer London On Tha Track. The block party scene was located on Frenchmen Street, at the Blue Nile. Many people gathered together to be apart of a culture filled scene in the middle of the street.

We were invited by Freewater, who came together and gathered many people to come out and dance, party, and be apart of dope scene of the video shoot. They also gave a crawfish boil for the everyone came out. We caught London On Tha Track and Juvenile enjoying crawfish.

Everyone was enjoying themselves, especially G-Eazy, as he amps the crowd and embrace the fans and people gathering in their presence. London On Tha Track gathered the people and upcoming local artists from the city for shoots in the video and also embraced them with photos and gracing his presence as well.

The atmosphere was full of beautiful vibes as well as beautiful people coming together. Even though the sun was vibrant, nothing amounted to the huge smiles of the people enjoying themselves. One thing we noticed was the video had an abundant feel of the culture. There was a second line band, ladies twerking, vibrant colors in everyone’s attire, and much more.

Photo by OneShotFilmz

We are confident that the video will capture the New Orleans culture. As natives, it was refreshing to be apart what should be a hit single! The video will add more insight of our culture. With the city always being an influence in the hip hop scene, “Throw Fits” will stamp where it all began! Our music, food, and amazing people has any tourist visiting leaving with high vibrations and happiness.

Be on the look out for the video! We will keep you In The Nyte Lyfe even in The Daytime!

Mastermind BL Shares Their New Visual “Whole Time” NLM Music Review

Catch a vibe as you listen to Mastermind BL’s “Whole Time” Artists Ya Minko and Lysian drops their latest music video early this March. Both artists grew up in Gabon, Africa. With video production by OG Visions, you will catch the Houston vibes throughout the video. You will see the landscape in the Nyte Lyfe viewing the skylines of downtown Houston.

These guys captures an unique look of themselves, giving their fans more of their craft. Their lyrics were average, the production helped offset its performance. Th artists should focus on more clarity of their voice.

The video production was pretty cool. The video should have had more scenes or various visuals to attract the viewer’s eye. Maybe the scenes were limited.

Overall, the video is cool. The storyline of the actual song should be depicted more. We look forward to see what else these guys have in store.

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Facebook: Mastermind BL | Ya Minko | Lysian

Gucci Gets Banned After Blackface Designs Surface

Social media has went into a frenzy about Gucci advertising their blackface sweater. The sweater becomes questionable and the black community becomes furious! Why would Gucci even put out such a design, even during black history month?

Many in the hip hop community blasts the high end fashion brand. Soulja Boy, T.I., Waka Flocka, and more goes in on Gucci and how they no longer will be supporting this brand. With most of blacks buying and flaunting the brand, this becomes a slap in the face to one of their biggest buyers.

Gucci sends out an apology:

As a whole, we should stop supporting these brands that still embrace to racist acts from the elite. We need to become more supportive of our black owned businesses that create clothing for our body design. These European brands don’t even fit us properly. Why do our black people complain but never make a call to action not to support these brands that care less? We are in high hopes that our people get the picture one day to end The ill mannered actions.