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Dan Onkar – BB’s Dream (Listen Now)

Dan Onkar, from United Kingdom, has a refreshing sound. We want to share his talents with you!

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OMB BLOODBATH “All I Know” – Watch Now

We know the saying “A lot of these ladies harder than you niggas”. That’s a fact when it comes to Houston’s Female Artist OMB Bloodbath. Production of the track is by TNTXD. With her latest visual “All I Know” directed by Sedrick Savoy (SSFilmz), she came out with much swag with the street demeanor you can’t fabricate.

The video has all the street vibes for anyone to relate to. Its creative and scenic approach was given throughout the video. As Bloodbath hypes up, she give you a trap mixture of what the real ghetto is like. We met the young lady During SXSW in Austin and she has a humble ora. She chants “Deep In the Streets” with the “Everybody Eats” bandana around her head. What a way to display support and motivation with your team.

Everyone claim to be real and never a fake, well why are there so many accused of the fraudulent acts in this game? OMB Bloodbath got it on lock and describes a real and consistent come-up in her music. Check out the video now!

Unsigned Hype – Featuring L.S.T and Her Latest Single “Too Dope” – Listen Now!

What better way to be feeling yourself after listening to female artist L.S.T. With her latest single “Too Dope” she gives the ladies a reason to rock! L.S.T “Lil Shorty Tanja” is an upcoming female rapper residing in the New Orleans area. After listening to her single, she began to grow her own style and presence. The artist may be pretty but don’t let the look fool you. She coming with some bars and dope flows.

With production by Gino, L.S.T delivered a catchy tune for the boss ladies to listen to. The beat leveled well with her voice. She should have incorporated more ad-libs for more personality and enthusiasm. The content of the song overall is dope. She represented quite fine. With the feature from Sev7en, it became a good collaboration. With his lyrics and sound, he bought more of a street vibe that becomes relative.

Overall, L.S.T is on the come up to becoming a household name. As she diligently works on her craft, we have no doubts she will break any barriers.

L.S.T music is Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, iHeartRadio Etc!

Social Media Contacts:

  1. Instagram: @LST_Dope
  2. Snapchat: @LST_Dope
  3. Twitter: @LilShortyTanja
  4. YouTube: LSTtv1
  5. SoundCloud: LIL.Shorty Tanja

“Unsigned Hype” K1ngChulo Brings You Into His World in “Werewolves”

Feel the vibes as K1ngChulo presents his latest single “Werewolves”. As the track begins, you sense K1ngChulo about to tell his story. With over 100,000 plays overall on all platforms , he has fans that comes for the heat. The New Orleans artist comes alive in the nighttime. With production by Dutty, the track has a dark background which coincides with Chulo’s sound. He speaks on going in and his determination to not stop by any means. There is anticpation his fans hear, wanting to hear more. With his second project “Me, Myself, and K1ng”, Chulo has a variety of sounds that reflect on his hard work and dedication. The chorus depicts the artist moving in the night as a werewolf, taking the world by storm. The beat has substance and keeps you in mind of the night life he feeds off into. K1ng Chulo has the potential to become an elite rap artist. We infer as his hard work increases, the more the world cannot look past his talents.

New Orleans Artist “K1ng Chulo”

Overall, “Werewolves” is a dope song that you can change your mood to. Whether you are at a happy state, or a dark space, the track becomes neutral to your ears. K1ng Chulo has an authentic flow that becomes relative to the audience. “Werewolves is on all platforms such as SoundCloud, ITunes, Spotify, and more. You can check out the artist @K1ngchulo on all social media platforms.

YBC Lil Homie Ready To Take His Movement To The World

YBC Lil Homie has aspirations in taking his music to another level. Coming from a small town in Texas, he has what it takes to allow the world to hear his story. With growing up into sports to being exposed to the streets, Lil Homie’s words depicts his life.

“I always had a feel for music, it always in my heart.”

His first and latest project is a collaboration with King Fela, “Street Season”. His track “Lil Bro” has a gutta feel as well as a vision of his bond with his brother he grew up with. He also has the dope track “Forecast” with King Fela. As he becomes in tune with his artistry, he is creating his own lane with his music.

Lil Homie anticipates coming for Houston’s market, as it becomes open for authentic hip-hop music and artists. With the way he maneauver, Lil Homie has came up with a power play to become heard. With his trap music influence, he listens to Yo Gotti, Jeezy, ZRo, MoneyBagg Yo, and more. You can check out the artist on IG: @ybclilhomie, Twitter: @ybclil, and Youtube: YBClilhomie.

King Fela Shows The World That He’s “Going Strong”

Hip-Hop Artist King Fela comes with a heavy demeanour in his music. Originally from a small town called Pledger,TX King Fela has a unique sound that speaks volumes including authentic flows. As you hear his music, he separates himself from the norm. Giving you good vibes and creative flows.

Texas Artist King Fela

With his track “Going Strong” he spits bars including a clean swag. With production by Super Producer DJ Chose, the track goes hard and provides a melody his fans can relate to. The video also has a cameo by DJ Chose. They both create dope music as we anticipate more. You can check out his mixtape called “Method 2 Madness” which is on Spotify below.

Texas Artist King Fela

King Fela has a dope visual with his partner in crime YBC Lil Homie called “Forecast”. The track has a smooth beat yet grimey lyrics. The video shows both artists going in as they drip swag with their demeanor. You can check out the video below via YouTube.

Follow his Instagram @gfmkingfella, Twitter @gfmkingfella, and Snapchat @ybckingfella.

Look out for the artist as he takes the world by storm with his music and creative sound.

Mista 28 Drops Offical Video “You Forgot” from Latest Project “Slumbo”  

Mista28 is not here for any play nor games! He just released his first visual for album “Slumbo” and we got it here exclusively on Nyte Lyfe

The WestBank (New Orleans) Artist has been firm to his beliefs as a thorough and authentic artist. Mista28 has been working diligently and moving across the states as we promotes his music. 

With Gab Films creating such a cool storyline, this video definitely gives you a brief overview of what Mista28 witnesses from the day ones and even family. The video shows the betrayal and how brotherly love turns into hate and breaking codes to the streets. “You Forgot” is stated several times to make sure you remember how loyalty is a must and betrayal get you no where. This video definitely is an eye opener for some folks today. Check Out Mista28 as we premier one of his hottest videos!

Summer Runners Keeping They Fans Alert with “Sammy Sosa “

The Quadratic team Summer Runners just released a track “Sammy Sosa” and we have it for you to hear! These talented Mo City artists has shown Houston why hard work and consistency pays off. Sirspitta, Theycallmeyoung, Young Lyve, and Oblivious Jones, has a brotherly effect on the tracks we have came across. “Goyard Bag” is one of our favorites!

Sammy Sosa has each artists go in off this dope beat, showing off their talents. This is definitely competitive demeanors coming from these artists! We love the drive!

We want to know if their name will speak for itself this Summer 17′ !! We look forward to hearing more from these fellas!

Chris Reze and Laid Back Jones Presents “8893” with Nyte Lyfe’s Exclusives

After hearing a few tracks, we began to get more acquainted with these two talented artists in Houston. Chris Reze and Laid Back Jones has came together on a joint project called “8893“. After a download from ITunes, to playing the first three records, we were sold! This 15 track album has surfaced to the airwaves and we need for you to hear!

These two guys sat with LexxCouppe and explained what “8893” means. Laid Back Jones explains how this is the years they were both born. Jones, 88′ and Chris 93′. They come together and give you their point of views with their times shared in this world. Also to add to the dopeness, Laid Back Jones produced the entire project! The brother got skills!

With the first track being a highlight, Kobe is explanatory. ” Purple and yellow my niggas pouring“. Reze gives you insight on his day to day endeavors with the Lean or some say “Drank”. With lean creating its own epidemic, you could listen to Kobe and hear its effects. Matter of fact the entire project consists of the drinking, cup pouring moments.

The Shift” which you can view below, is another highlight and of course another single off “8893“. This song is featuring Keing Rico, who crushes the chorus and Chris. The talents are bought to front street on this one.

It’s In Me” has this beat that could have you dazed right along with the artists. Chris Reze brings it to life on the hook. “No More” featuring Yung Trill, is another dope track. Yung Trill brings another feel to the song and was a good collaboration.

There are several other tracks such as How I Cope, Sober, and Treat ya Nose just naming a few. There were features from Macc Duce and Yves Saint Nick as well.

Overall, “8893” has been added to NyteLyfe’s playlist. We hear several artists and the sounds become repetitive. With “8893“, we believe there is still hope. There are actual artists with talents and they are surfacing so the world to hear.

Tweeday Goes Crazy in “Tag Me In” with Nick Patti Wack and Danrue 

Baby We Live” with Tweeday and his Exclusive Track “Tag Me In” Remix with Nick Patti Wack and Danrue. The Hammond Artist has plenty in his bag as he pulls out this banger. This song will have you Jigging all day! We love how he has the sensational duo Danrue and Nick Patty Wack featured as well. Danrue with his out of sight dance moves and Nick bucking up the moment, while definitely have you going. Tweeday definitely has a hit and it’s for all ages, which is dope! The video gives you that vibe needed for the summer. Matter of fact, go ahead and check out Tweeday’s video! We look forward to hearing more from the artist.