“Real Niggas Stand Up” with the Latest “Friday On Elm Street” – (NLM Exclusive)

New York has been on beam this season and this Jadakiss and Fabolous collaboration raised the bar. “Friday On Elm Street” which dropped Black Friday 11/24 is filled with heated lyrics and strength. The project has twelve tracks with dope features including Future, Swizz Beatz, Teyana Taylor, French Montana, Styles P, Yo Gotti, and Jeezy. This album is a much needed listen for any hip-hop lover. As we all know, both lyricists always shut the game down. The anticipation of this project has been long over due. We awaited “Freddy vs. Jason” and now got want we all been waiting for.

Fab and Jada speaks on real life issues in the streets, music, and life period. There is plenty substance poured throughout each track. As legendary artists from New York, the OGs has shown they are not letting up. Their campaign has been heavy as we watch social media go into a frenzy for this release. Big ups to the leaders of the pack. Check out video below!






#FreeMeekMills -VMixx

Ever noticed Meek’s visuals and songs symbolizes actual Dream Chasing? With his lock up behind bars, he sent a message beforehand. In the tracks, especially from “Win and Losses”, shows the artist is a solider to express his issues with the justice system.

Sign the petiton so they can #FREEMEEKMILLS.


Jack Daniels Presents #ArtsBeatsLyrics Meet and Greet with Mannie Fresh

Friday evening, November 10, Jack Daniels came to the North side of Houston to present their Tennessee Honey whiskey with the one and only Mannie Fresh. The super duper producer came through Green’s Liquor Store while several showed up. Everyone was even treated with The Jack Daniel’s Honey shots. There were shirts, headphones, eyewear, pens, and more gifts to give out to the public.

The atmosphere of Green’s Liquor was truly welcoming. We were taken in with open arms!

Before Mannie’s performance for the #ArtsBeatsLyrics Show, at the Union Station at Minute Maid Park, he greeted several fans. The New Orleans native gave much of his southern hospitality in Houston.

Jack Daniels offered RSVPs for the public to sign up for the #Artsbeatslyrics event. This show consists of a traveling urban art and music exhibition. This Showcases gives you an unique view of great talents. There were previous shows by Teddy Riley and even Kendrick Lamar. Jack Daniels Honey is all for the authentic and the imaginative.

Check out this visual by Don Chochise on YouTube where you can get a glimpse of the awesome #Artsbeatslyrics Show!

Nyte Lyfe Lexx Talks To Duckwrth At His Harvard Blvd.’s Meet & Greet

Nyte Lyfe Lexx chopped it up with Duckwrth at his meet and greet in Houston. It was located at Harvard Blvd. Clothing Store powered by Ceo Super Vision and Vision4Productions. Duckwrth, from L.A., drops his latest track “TAMAGOTCHI”. You can also check out his newly released mixtape “XTRA UUGLY!”. His performance for that night was at Warehouse Live. He stops in Houston for his “Come to My Party Tour” and gives us a taste of how he lives life! Nyte Lyfe Lexx asks the artist a few questions about the orgins of his music and style. You can check out the full article and credits with Visions4Productions.com in the link below. Duckwrth has an unique funky sound and you can see why below!


Behind The Scenes at Harvard Blvd. at Duckwrth’s Meet & Greet


Cam’Ron Gets Right To “The Program” with His Latest Mixtape

Before the year ends, Dipset’s own Cam’Ron releases some heavy Harlem swag in his mixtape “The Program“. As excited as we are, we infer that Diplomatic heads will be glad that this artist stuck to his roots. This will be his first mixtape dropped in four years.

Released by Killa Entertainment, the mixtape has fifteen tracks. With production by by Araab Musik, Just Blaze, Dollavision, ADM, Rek, JB Music, and more.

He features the young talented Don Q, which set the track “Hello” on fire. Cam blessed us with an original Dipset sound. Don Q blends well with the beat. Definitely an anthem for the Harlem new and old era.

Track 4, “Coleslaw” begins with him boasting he is back. “Lucy I’m Home” he screams. Listen as he discusses his feuds with his Kanye West. He brings up how Kanye goes A-Wall. This is a highlight of the mixtape of course.

Cam’Ron has always been a storyteller. “Remember Game” featuring Mimi explains them as a couple playing the Remember game. Similar to the blame game. This becomes a Bonnie and Clyde situation. Mimi has a sensual voice and he chooses a good singer. Plus this lady has bars! You will hear how they both played positions, made sacrifices, cheating, and more. Mimi definitely went in on Cam.

Araab Musik produces “The Other Side” featuring Sen City. The beat begins with replica of a Rick Ross/ LexLugar beat? Overall it was good track.

With “Fleegod“, it took about 10 seconds for Cam to catch the beat. We insists that the rapper sticks to his original flow, for sure.

Kiss Myself” is the 14th track produced by Just Blaze. With his original flow and ode to self love, it is not a surprise coming from Killa.

Last “Uwasntthere” becomes a highlight of the project as well. He gives us this live beat. With his storytelling, he discusses his struggle, his basketball career, his hustle, and more.

Overall, Killa came back with some pretty dope music. It brings you back to his Dipset era and should be appreciated. Some artists tend to linger off to the modern day rap which is not always authentic. His storytelling will always be the best to listen to. He stayed true to his Dipset roots. Cam should keep his flow the way it has always been. This is what makes him one of the most influential lyricists today. With his self love, realness, nonchalant attitude, and swag, it was a must hear.

Juvenille Dropped The Hottest “400 Degreez” 19 Years Ago Today

As natives of Louisiana, we have to celebrate Juvenile’s “400 Degreez” which dropped today 19 years ago. His third album sold about 80,000 the first week. In 1998, the album was released with Cash Money Records/ Universal Records. With the album selling over 5 millions copies, it is remained one of the top selling projects on Cash Money.



The Lox Drops New EP #4NoReason – NLM Exclusive

The Lox just dropped EP ” #4NoReason” for the culture in October with Tidal. The 4 tracked EP has Styles P, Sheek Louch, and Jadakiss giving bars throughout the fifteen minute session. As they have transitioned to there present endeavors with Tidal, The Lox is back with some authentic sounds and lyrics. This is a preview to the legendary trio in our hip-hop culture.

Styles P, Sheek Louch, Jadakiss : D BLOCK 2017

1. Break It Down
2. Gangsta Party
3. Let’s Work
4. Re-Up

  1. “Break It Down” has a dope beat that has the The Lox’s sound which should be apprecaited by their fans.Styles P came through as the formulator. Sheek Louch delivered but not at his best potential.  Jadakiss verse has the best content overall.
  2. “Gangsta Party” featuring Derez Deshon is the highlight of this project. Sheek came through but needed to switch his style so it can bring more to our current state of hip-hop. Styles P could have finessed his content a bit more. As for Jada, he become the anchor of the track.
  3. “Let’s Work” has a cool beat and the chorus was immediate for the project. The track was straightforward but a twist was expected from the group. Jadakiss again came through giving flow and bars. As for Sheek and Styles they came together but the producer could have been on a better level.
  4. “Re-Up” featuring L-Biz is the last song on the EP. Jadakiss comes first and gives his known flow to the track. Next, Sheek comes and gives game. He also gives a storyline that tells you how to move in the game. He hit points on this track. Styles P comes last and gives his story as well. He speaks on his transition in his life. From how his Re-Up transitioned from dirty to clean. This track is also a good listen.


Overall, as a fan of real rap music, The Lox are pioneers of this culture. They only gave us four tracks, with that said, we were expecting something highly graded. If you give four tracks, you should consider at least a bonus. With the long wait of another Lox project, our expectations were a bit high. Not to say, they came through with some dope music. What are your thoughts? Preview a track below and tell us what you think.


17 Years Ago, Jay-Z Gave Us “The Dynasty: Roc La Familia” What Do You Remember From The Classic?

“The Dynasty: Roc La Familia” was released 17 years ago today, October 31. This was Jay Z’s fifth solo album. At the time, Jay Z had one of the strongest teams out in the game. With Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, and Amil. “The Dynasty: The Roc La Familia” had production by Just Blaze as well as Bink!. The project has sixteen tracks real heat.

credits to : Darkeness Brothers

In reference to Tidal website, we have a few facts that you may not have known about this album.

  1. Just Blaze used Logic to make the beat for “The Street Is Talking”

  2. No one else laid a verse down for the album until there were six songs recorded for the project.

  3. The album was initially meant to be a Roc-A-Fella records compilation. After “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” and ” I Just Wanna Love You”, It was decided to just release a Jay Z album.

  4. Jay Z and Beanie Sigel recorded their verses for for “This Can’t Be Life” together in New York. Sarface recorded his verse a cople days later in New York.

  5. Ghostface Killah was supposed to be on “This Can’t Be Life” but there was a miscommunication.

  6. Bink! is the voice for Murder Def Kill Homicide Nigga on “1-900-Hustler”.

  7. Memphis Bleek was mad because the production crew would not let him ride a motorcycle in the video for ” Change The Game”. For safety purposes they had to have a truck pull the motorcycle for the same effect.

Revisit “The Dynasty: Roc La Familia” below and envision its Era in Hip-Hop. Check out video “Change The Game” ft. Beaniem Sigel and Memphis Bleek.

Migos Drops “Motor Sport” with Nicki Minaj & Cardi B – (NLM Exclusive)

The internet has been stirring noise about this new track with The Migos. The fact both queens Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are featured, guarantees the fans to listen, listen quite well.

Everyone wants to know what Cardi and Nicki was to say! At a time, we were under the impression that these ladies weren’t too fond of each other. With “Motor Sport, these ladies had to be throwing jabs at each other. Do you think so? From our opinion, shots could have been throwned throughout the song.

To be honest, the fact of these artists uniting on “Motor Sport” is a win for them. They are giving the culture what’s needed working together on this note.

Besides that, the ladies showed out letting it be known they killing the game. Migos definitely came out of their bag with this one.

Fifteen Years Ago Today, One of Hip-Hop’s Classics was Released : “Paid In Full”

Today, October 25, Charles Stone III gave us an unforgettable movie “Paid In Full”. This movie was based on a true story in the 1980s in Harlem. “Paid In Full” title is also the same as the Legends Eric B & Rakim single. As we all may know the suspense to the betrayal of this movie, it a favorite. As we celebrate its 15th anniversary and its impact on Hip-Hop and its culture, it has to be envisioned.

Based on a true life story of a few drug dealers, the movie pictured real life to a dream by the hustle. Being a product of the environment. The movie shows Azie “Ace” Faison, Richard Porter, and Alpo Martinez living a fast life in the 80’s era.

Wood Harris (AZ), Mekhi Phifer (Rich), Cam’Ron (Rico)

The trio became a powerful force and necessity to their black community. No doubt this was displayed. Also the good to the bad. How the game can have you DOWN, quick. The movie created a high point in that era of the culture of Hip-Hop.

Shot by Miramax, we want to share behind the scenes of “Paid In Full”

There were appearances by Regina Hall, Noreaga, Elise Neal, Esai Morales, and of course Damon Dash. His appearances has always been revalent. Appreciation is showed to his impact on the Hip-Hop culture as well.

Mekhi (Mitch) wrote and portrayed the most emotional yet distressed scene in the movie. He states that he called Porter’s sister and a best friend. They explain the tragic scene shown as his little brother finger was cut off. The movie also shown one of the best snake scenes in history. Rico, shoots and kills Mitch behind the drugs and money placed into the game. In our society today,back stabbing is at an all time high. Since forever. Now at a peculiar rate.

Revisit the classic to our black culture as well as music.

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