We Need Respiration! Killa Kyleon’s Latest EP “Lorraine Motel” Is Giving Back Life

Perception is a way of reguarding, understanding, or interpreting something. The way society has been set up, our perception seems to linger to the opposite of what it is. After listening to Killa Kyleon’s project “LorraineMotel“, this has been an eye opener for us.  He goes in on the perception the people get from the fast life versus real life. After listening to the 16 track project, Killa is one artist who we should appreciate and commend for his work.

We were supposed to attend the Houston’s past show “The Evolution In Stereo ” but unfortunately could not make it. Indeed this was a great show for Houston. Killa Kyleon’sLorraine Motel” is definitely needed as he breaks silence to what really matters the most in society for Blacks. He speaks on equality, modern day slavery, social epidemics, racism, and so much more.

“What Do You See” featuring Jack Freeman, is a story of black lives and the injustice created and designed to destroy our black families. He speaks on the accountability of our actions, not sticking together, to the Hate crimes we place upon ourselves.

“Killing Over Jays” is a definite highlight of this project due to its message and how much material things can effect you as a whole. All ages, should hear this song as he describes the epidemic behind these shoes “Jordans”. “Where Micheal Jordan when you need Him” is quoted throughout the chorus. The sacrifice, repetition, and irony of how the generation feeds into material objects bothers the artists as he speaks truth behind it all.

“Trust Me” featuring LilBrent catches your ears. “Do It for the Gram” is hollered. Slave mentality is mentioned. Perception is yet a keyword behind this song. Including “Skin is My Sin”.

Of course we love “Strong Black Woman” it is advised that women listen to this as he says you are appreciated. Appreciated for doing what’s right as Mothers and women going against all odd. Not idolizing the fad of what women are thought of to be.

There are features from Rich Andruws, Jack Freeman, Lil Brent and Scotty ATL. 

The entire “Lorraine Motel” has a different approach. He spit plenty bars as well as blessings. Each song and topic is necessarily needed! He may say “NIGGA” plenty times but each time has its meaning. The jewels given are for anyone to receive. Very refreshing and sounds were a good selection. This artist speaks great knowledge plus the sounds should soothe the listener.

This modern spoken truth has raised the bar. Killa Kyleon has taken it to higher estates. Showing you how Authenticity out lives the bull fed to us. We appreciate this EP and will continue to hear from the artist.


Throwback Thursday: The Alchemist- 1st Nfranty

Producers play a very significant role in Hip Hop Music since forever. One of the most talented, grimiest, producers is The Alchemist. If you were  a fan of the 90s era, then the 1st Nfrantry should have enlightened you. Even though this album dropped 2004, the sound, content, and production was overall raw. This project may not be as Effective to most in today’s music. Hip Hop heads should have this in common as well as we do. If you haven’t heard it yet, go ahead and envision Alchemist sounds through your ears.

This 19 track project has some of your most influential artists yet legendary. The Alchemist kicks off the “Dead Bodies” featuring The Game and Prodigy. The grimey record “Essence” has “The Lox” pounding the beat and creating tension across it. Not to forget the single of the album “Hold You Down” featuring Nina Sky and Illa Ghee. Not to forget Alchemist spitting as well. You will catch him on multiple tracks.

Stop The Show” has Stat Quo and Legendary MOP. He even has Lloyd Banks on “Bangers”. There were a host of more features including Devin The Dude, Nas, J Hood, Dilated People, TI and PSC, and BReal of Cypress Hill.

Collectively, The 1st Nfrantry was a solid album. The Street Tones, Paranoia sounds, suspense, grimey beats, and that Up North sound sets it off. This album is well appreciated from Nyte Lyfe and in hopes to hear another from today’s artists and The Alchemist.


From The Westide to That Nine… Kidd Kidd and DeeDay Creates Magic with “Blue Moon”

With us being a Native from the Westbank of New Orleans, hearing this collab is music to our ears! RLLNR x ZoneGang and Dozze Presents us with  “Blue Moon” Volume 1. Recording artist DeeDay works with RLLNR and GUnit’s Kidd Kidd making dope music. After a listen, this collaboration was not a surprise on how these talented artists whipped up the potion for this project.

“Block Visit” kicks off with heavy lyrical content from both artists. This track is a nice selection to begin with. A highlight to the tape is “Hold Up” featuring G.Rose. This is a dope track when is in expectation of a hit, in our opinion. Fair enough to say, after hearing that Janet Jackson sample in “Lonely“, this is one of our favorites. Repeatedly, it was played, giving you that all around New Orleans feel. It is relatable to both genders and we sense everyone should have a listen.

Let em Talk” has this crazy crying out laughing skit where Filnobep and a child has a weird convo. This leds to why “Let Em Talk” is the highlight and single of The Blue Moon. The song falls in perfectly. With the norm in society, the hate, lack of support, and happiness of success plays its role for both artists.

With another feature from Livesosa, “Fabolous” is also a track that’s open for all to envision. Ending with a different approach, both Kidd Kidd and Dee Day goes solo. “Savage Mode” is premiered by Dee Day. “Litty” is premiered by Kidd Kidd.

New Orleans and it’s origins of music has played a major impact in Hip Hop worldwide, yet is rarely noticed. Listening to specifics will justify our statement. From throwback to today’s era. We will get back to this on another note. But these two artists has given you talents from both sides of the fence.

This mixtape should appreciated by the city, showing that there is pure talent across the globe.  It was heartfelt, genuine, and cultivating at the same time. Giving that New Era a smell of success from authentic Rap Music. Nothing Fugazzi! Collaborating like this was a level up for New Orleans music scene. We know this was light work for both artists, but what about you?


Lil Soulja & Young Juve -Gotta Eat

Lil Soulja and Young Juve is showing the world what it’s like on a festive day in Uptown New Orleans. On Sundays, the city celebrates with second lines where the Indians, different origins of New Orleanians, family and friends, and more comes as one. These two young fellas has created their own lane with the generation today. Expectations from their fathers “Juvenile” and the late “Soulja Slim” are given. Gotta Eat is a track anyone from the city should coincide with. 

Listen as these two goes back to back eating bar to bar. Their flows are vivid and just viewing the video gives you a sense of breath air. Knowing  they are originated from some of the most influential men in the Hip Hop culture.  You even view Lil Soulja taking pics with his father in the backdrop. Check out this video as you see New Orleans culture and legacy is arising with the two artists.

Sludge Records Presents Young Von with Latest “Slime 2”

We done ran across a young prodigy by the name of Young Von. Recording Artist of Sludge Records has came with a EP called “Slime 2″. Young Von has been wowing the music in Houston since Nyte Lyfe been on The Scenes. We are thrilled to see such talent surface from this city.

This seven-track EP has slur type sound as you can imagine from the cover itself. If you listen to his music, you can imagine how that Medicine took its affect on his music (In a very futuristic way).

Starting off with first track, “Speed Racer”, the beat  comes down to Young Von slurred voice. The beat is really dope and it’s anticipated. Our highlight of Slime 2 is “Illuminati” featuring Recording Artist Rex James. The suspension from the title itself is perfect for both artists. Our first encounter with this track was in the studio with Rex. This song was kept to the script, you’ll have to listen to understand. “It is also a banger as Von explains his Sludge Life. Ending with Thrills and Vibes Lately, he closed it with a hit track. You can go check it for yourself below!

The Dirty Tour: Kicks Off with Some of Houston’s Hottest Artists in The City 

Thursday May 4, 2017, was a night to remember for artist performing at Eastdown Warehouse in Houston. Freelabel, Mayes Production, and MFP, presented The Dirty Tour: Chris Reze and Laid Back Jones’s Mixtape Release Party. With the duo’s latest, “8893” this show kicked off the run of their craft. Stay Tuned for their first interview exclusively here. 

With sounds by DJ Princess Of The Trill and DJ Space Ghost, the show was definitely Lit through the entire night!

This Show had a host of artists who performed including Savage Life’s and Lane Gang Vato Gang Tygan Dawson. He was bringing out his new release of 8201: Life of A Bellfort Badboy. 

Also there were dope performances by Hoax and Haze, Summer Runners with Oblivious Jones, Brooke Ashely, Greedy Deesy, Rotten Rowdy, Money Man Smitty, Yung Trill, Young Von and Rex James, Rolls Royce Red, Smurphzilla,Lane Gang Fredo, and a host of more.

This show was this far one of the Best highlights of Houston’s Independent Artists. Majority of artists came with their own waves and gave maybe one of their best performances ever. The energy at the show was great! We look forward to being invited to more these artists events.

Recap on SeanSolo’s HTX Breakthrough Showcase Exclusively Here!

Any hip hop heads or anyone who lives for beats and production should have been at the HTX Breakthrough Showcase in Houston. Nyte Lyfe Music was in attendance at Chymistry Live April 30th.  
Grammy Nominated Producer SeanSolo orchestrated this dope and live event to cater to the artist as well as producers. There was special Host ESG in the building which elevated the event itself. DJ Red from Screwed Up Records was on the boards. We were with Houston’s Love2Jam Radio where interviews were conducted. Spotlight Radio was also in attendance!

There were both battles for artists and producers. 20 artists and 4 producers battle it out for prizes listed below. Jay Bay won the artist battle and Shadow Black win for Producer. We were able to interview Shadow Black which was really dope and recently did production on Killa Kyleon’s latest “Lorraine Motel”.
This event was very interesting and we Support SeanSolo’s approach on acknowledging producers as well as independent artists.

Stay tuned in for more work with SoloBeats.

Stretch Putting On with “Keep Dreaming Stay Focused”

We got Stretch with CBM Records giving nothing but Motivation from his experience in Life. “Keep Dreaming Stay Focus” is self explanatory. Stretch becomes intimate with his fans. His storytelling behinds living in the Bricks of Marrero to Life experience and family. The tone of his voice gives him a very unique persona. 

Original” featuring Mafiyoso, is a highlight of this EP. “They Don’t Want See It” with feature from TrapStar is also a dope track. Both artists give bars and flow throughout this track. 

This EP is another example of how the West Bank of New Orleans is never Sleep. Some of the most talented comes from here. The grind, hustle, and ambition gives him position to be frontline. We Support the movement! Check out Why!

Maserratti Nix Eats on his Latest Project “Make A Long Story Short”

We came across an Artist, Maseratti Nix, who suddenly raised the bar with his music. Affiliate of Selected Few, has taken the music scene in his city to another lane. 

The West Bank artist has a project we checked out called “Make A Long Story Short”. Nix goes in on “FreePussy” featuring Cash Money’s Neno Calvin. With his “Scrilla” mix, he ate the song to extreme measures. One highlight, in our opinion, is track “Internet Famous” which dope beat and title itself was bought to life. Another banger, NVR Die, ended making you want more to hear. Bar after bar was given. Maseratti’s lyrics are raw and authentic, which you can hear in his voice. This artist has a stern demeanor and doesn’t mind telling the real. Great to see this artist take his own lane to another level. Continue to watch out for the artist!!


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