Maserratti Nix Eats on his Latest Project “Make A Long Story Short”

We came across an Artist, Maseratti Nix, who suddenly raised the bar with his music. Affiliate of Selected Few, has taken the music scene in his city to another lane. 

The West Bank artist has a project we checked out called “Make A Long Story Short”. Nix goes in on “FreePussy” featuring Cash Money’s Neno Calvin. With his “Scrilla” mix, he ate the song to extreme measures. One highlight, in our opinion, is track “Internet Famous” which dope beat and title itself was bought to life. Another banger, NVR Die, ended making you want more to hear. Bar after bar was given. Maseratti’s lyrics are raw and authentic, which you can hear in his voice. This artist has a stern demeanor and doesn’t mind telling the real. Great to see this artist take his own lane to another level. Continue to watch out for the artist!!


Lewminatti About The “Money Forreal”

Houston Artist Lewminatti is setting tones in the city! The Trill God has plenty work! Stay on the look out for his exclusive music with Nytelyfemusic. Check out one of his dope videos here!

The Beautiful Najee Jana Has That Pretty Girl Swag on “The Gold Goddess”

Not long ago, we featured the Beautiful Najee Jana “I’m A Threat”. Now she has came with a dope mixtape called “The Gold Goddess”. This 10 track tape has back to back vivid content from the Algiers Female Artist. She has a distinctive voice, which in opinion gives her a more wider audience for both the youth and mature. Is this young lady bringing more work to the city? She has risen the bar once again!

The trap like flow should capture the males such as “Goddess Gang”.You Mad” is a track for all but the ladies can relate to Jana. Then you have #7 where she displays “Take A Walk in My Shoes” which is a highlight to The Gold Goddess. The beat is on point and goes hard. 

You will get a drill type flow from the artist. Residing from the West Bank of New Orleans, La, this female has grown from the last time we heard her music. With experience, the confidence, and real life circumstances, Najee has stepped up the bar not only for female artists but overall. The Rap culture has been growing with more artists who is delivering what’s needed in the game. Being able to have wordplay is very essential. She has taken the limits to do so. The mixtape is relatable to the younger crowd and brings real life to all. This Gold Goddess Working and we look forward for more from Najee Jana.

Dave East Mix #Free Smoke šŸ”„

Harlem’s Hottest Man walking his having a Year of his Life!! Dave East just came out with a new video to Drake’s Free Smoke. As one of our favorites, Dave East seems to never stear us wrong with his visuals. Check out the homie as we premiere his latest project.

ARedd Blessing Artists In Houston With His Skills in The StudioĀ 

We linked with one of the hottest Engineers on the Southwest of Houston. A Redd is a mixing God! He helped create the vision artists picture of their music. We witnessed his work in 2016 while working with female artist LexxCouppe and we cannot leave him alone. “He was the first to record me, I can’t see me dealing with anyone else!” This guy gives you great quality and clarity for your music. Plus you receive free mixing and mastering for the session.

A Redd has worked with Artists such as Dice Soho, Trill Sammy, Trae, McBeezy, Chedda Da Connect, Johnny Cinco, Rico Reckless, and Killa Kyleon….just naming a few. His rap sheet is pretty hefty. 

You walk into Redd’s studio and see autographs from The artists he has worked with. Just Know the walls look as if there is graffiti on it. Just imagine how much work he has put in. We commend hard work with authentic motives and See Great things coming along the way for the fella. You can check him out at A Redd Recording is Off Harwin and Fondern. Look out for great work from Redd here in the future.

“Bring It Home” – World Be Free featuring Sucio David and Jadakiss

The Black Empire presents a worthy record “Bring It Home”. Artist World Be Free has collaborated with D Block’s own Jadakiss and Rapper Sucio David. This video was bought to our attention while following these aspiring  gritty rappers on Social Media via Instagram. These Guys are speaking real life experience through their lyrics, which is why they are featured on NyteLyfe. Check it Out 

Talib Kweli and Styles P Collabs on “The Seven” Hear It HereĀ 

This power duo came together and bought back life into the Rap game. “The Seven” is an 7 track EP where both MCs bring Lyrical content and purpose. Not to forget their first collaboration on “Testify” listed on Style’s “Time is Money“. The Seven has some appearances by Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Chris Rivers, Rhapsody, Common, and a few more. Check Out their dope project and witness that only the real is going to last with these guys.

Track List:

Poets and Gangstas

Brown Guys

Nine Point Five f. Sheek Louch, Jadakiss and NIKO IS

In the Field

Teleprompters f. Common and Vic Orena

Let It Burn f. Rapsody and Chris Rivers

Last Ones