What Is Authentic Trap Music? Chiming In On Jezzy’s new “Trap or Die 3”

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“Trappin and Rappin” seems to be what every aspiring rapper wants to portray. But do they really understand this Trap Music? In a Vlad interview Jeezy explains how Trap is mistaken for its sound. Trap Music has become more commercial.Basically to your knowledge, trap music describes relations to living. Whether you grinding on the block or working hard as hell on a clock, trappin can be a soundtrack of your lifestyle as he mentions. With his third project to his series “Trap or Die“, We can hear the rawness but the difference from the previous projects. Jeezy states “Grind Harder Than You Shine”.Well we all should be firm beleievers of that. You can cop the new  “Trap or Die 3” on Itunes and Google Play. 


“New Release”: ShooterMAC Creeping Up on the Streets with “I’m Wit It”

Houston’s own ShooterMAC will have you stunned with his distinctive hip hop music! With his new single release “Im Wit It“, you will see why the artist cannot be in comparison with the majority of HTowns’ artists. KelvenShooterMACHunter has an authentic voice that is relative to real society. The Texas native orginates from the North East side of Houston. With his passion for music and his hunger, you can feel his presence through bar after bar. Im Wit It which was produced by Kartier, is a prime example for any fella in the hood day in, day out. He has been grinding it out with Rebel Muzik since day one, showing timing is everything. The video has a feel of rawness and  show the rapper is in overtime. It’s time for the Shooter to show why he up next. ShooterMAC is one unsigned artist we can say getting the business in! With the queen, “MyssLovie” at his side through the journey of his music, the moves are steady being made. You can check out radio station www.love2jamradio.com where ShooterMAC has airplay through the roof! We can really argue that his wordplay is beyond the era of music today.

You can find ShooterMAC on IG (@shooterMAC_rebel), Youtube, and his website: www.shooterMAC.com. 

You can click link below to get “ImWitIt” on Google play below:


Be on the lookout for this Shooter as he break barriers with music,hustle, and grind.


​Meek Milly has had one of the most anticipated projects this year! We been waiting months after months as he teased the heck out of us! DC4 has finally arrived! This will be his 4th project on the Maybach Music Group in the Dreamchaser’s series. Meek has appearances from Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Pusha T, and many more. He also has Lil Snupe to end as the outro. Many discredits Meek from previous beef with Drake and even Beanie Siegel. Some claim he is a done deal. What do you think? Artists tend to fade back and forth through their careers and linger to different swags which make fans think that may have lost touch. DC4 has a different flow due to the era were are in at this present time. Meek is still in his prime and showing us all to not sleep on his craft!!Give us your thoughts.


We came to find out what’s all the hype about with Houston’s own Alief Biggie. The amped rap artist has what it takes to take over his city. Alief describes his music as classic. He began taking his talents seriously in 2014 once he noticed what the game been missing. Only at the age of 27, he has experienced a great deal. We asked Biggie which artist defines authentic rap.”I feel the old Kanye is authentic rap”. With him performing at the Gucci Mane show October 9th 2016, he made sure the people remembers his name.Stay tuned to the fella as he creeps up and take over H Town streets!


Mobb Deeps own Prodigy has written a cook based on prison meals. It’s called “Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook” I wondered how this came about? He had to be cautious of what he ate due to his sickle cell anemia.The book explains how you cook with ramen noodles to canned goods. His main purpose is to show how to eat healthy while in prison. Some inmates may go to jail healthy and then come home sick or with serious health cases. You can go to Amazon and find the book. Big Ups To the Guy!!


The Harlem young bull Dave East dropped a mixtape this past month called “Kairi Chanel“. This will be the 10th mixtape that has been dropped and he has proved his worth beyond measures in my opinion. September 29th, Dave announced on the Breakfast Club that he hit a deal with Def Jam. Nas, the boss of Mass Appeal is who dicovered this bar eating NY native.Dave has Nas as his executive producer as well. He have features from Two Chains, Camron, Beanie Siegel, Sevyen Streeter, Fabolous, and the Game. This is a dope mixtape I must say not just because I am also a fan. NYTE LYFE represents authentic rap music so it was only right to inform you Dave East at your necks with this one.

  1. It Was Written
  2. Type of Time
  3. Again
  4. Can’t Ignore f. 2 Chainz
  5. Sending My Love f. Sevyn Streeter
  6. 30 Ni**az
  7. Keisha
  8. Eyes on Me f. Fabolous
  9. S.D.E. f. Cam’ron
  10. Don Pablo
  11. The Only Thing
  12. The Real Is Back f. Beanie Sigel
  13. Slow Down f. Jazzy Amra
  14. Don’t Shoot
  15. Bad Boy on Death Row f. The Game


Blaze Beatz Heating Up The Streets

I have always been into the beats or who actually produced some of my favorite records. The producer plays an important role in making a hit record. Rondu”Blaze Beatz” Martin from Schenectady, New York, definitely has an ear for distinctive sounds. Blaze, 22, has been making beats for artists since he was 15 years old. He was raised around music at an young age and took it into his own hands. With his hot track, “Hookah & Henny” being played all over the NY including Power 105.1, sure enough it’s building his brand. I also have the new track “Need That” which was produced by this clever guy. His inspiration when getting in his bag is Future. Blaze is associated with the Paper Boyz and did tracks for artist Play Milly “Pull Up“. Blaze has artists from UK, Canada, from NY to Houston. His crazy upbeats are similar to the top producers such as Zaytoven to Metro Boomin. You can catch the kid on social media for contact.When you here that Blaze Beatz in the background, just know I warned You all this dude coming with heat!

 Listen to NEED THAT by Lexxcouppe #np on #SoundCloud


I wouldn’t be a Gucci Fan without paying dues to the big homie now!!!!! Brrrrr!!!

Well Gucci Mane dropped the 2nd released album, post -prison, and also gave an early treat for fans. The project dropped a few days early as an appreciation to his fans. Smart move buddy!!! Gucci mane is killing the game as always and advise the new rappers on the block to pay homage. Mr. Zone 6 has done it again!!! You can download it free and go to ITunes as well!! Below is the tracklist of Woptober:
01. ‘Intro: F*ck 12’
02. ‘Aggressive’
03. ‘The Left’
04. ‘Money Machine’ (feat. Rick Ross)
05. ‘Dirty Lil’ N*gga
06. ‘Last Time’ (feat. Travis Scott)
07. ‘Wop’
08. ‘Right On Time’
09. ‘Bling Blaww Burr’ (feat. Young Dolph)
10. ‘Icy Lil B*tch’
11. ‘Love Her Body’
12. ‘Hi-Five’
13. ‘Out the Zoo’
14. ‘Addicted’

Unsigned Hype: Young Mafiyoso 

Mark “Young Mafiyoso” James main attraction to music was taken place at a distinctive time. During his 7 year joce and still fresh home, the artist developed a passion for music through its pain and struggle. Young Mafiyoso has an authentic sound where most guys from his era would relate. At 34 years old, Young Mafiyoso is taking over and holding ground and is definitely Marrero Bound (which is where I am from). Repping that Westside of New Orleans, he bringing that rawness back. This hits home as an individual represents authenticity. With his single project called “504”, he describes the struggles of city New Orleans including its consequences and repercussions it can cause. The video shows the real life of the N.O. with the O.G cat in the back in the cemetery. It also shows the mural of the late legend Soulja Slim. Mark is also known for being a business owner of many ventures such as his own tire company and as well as his clothing line called “XDealer” coming soon. You can check Young Mafiyoso on YouTube as well as checking him out on social media. Look forward into seeing more work from the guy!! Watch a hungry guy from the bottom rise to the top! 

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