Slugga Gives You A Day of A Hustler in”Push It” (Official Music Video)

We heard some dope music from Baton Rouge’s own Slugga. His latest video, “Push It” signifies the hustle. Slugga has a unique sound and gives you raw music. No coincidence that he is positioned as CEO of Rawthenic Entertainment. This artist gains respect naturally and after a listen to “Push It“, you will see why. 

With the inspiration from Tupac, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, and Yo Gotti, Slugga has this game on lock. As the video “Push It” begins, he brings you to where it all started. Portrays of him as a child showing his destiny as a beginning breadwinner. Check out The Lengendary Master Ps song playing as intro to the song. Slugga has a very deep Southern style that’s original and you can hear it all in his voice.The video plays out as Slugga maneuvering as he has a beautiful woman monitor the hotel room. I was not sure but the woman switched into another chick. Slugga was showing his mack skills pulling this off. The video plays an image of a movie. This is definitely Street Motivation Music.

You can expect more from Slugga as he will be releasing an upcoming project soon. We will definitely have you tuned in.


The “GoGetIt” Duo Are Prime Examples to Never Underestimate! 

The Rapping Duo “GoGetIt” definitely should not be overlooked. Once you hear their latest track “FuckAllOfTheTalking“, you would not believe these guys go hard. Featuring JWizzle (JDubb) and DollaD,these Houston Artists are working towards success.

These Beaumont residents don’t mind taking that skip and hop to Houston to let the city hear this flavor they are giving. With features in UnKutIllustratedMagazine to Interviewing with Mysslovie at Love2JamRadio, they are getting to work. The duo are a more mature breed but can relate to anyone and could feed wisdom through music. They also have a features in some of the hottest mixtapes hosted today.

FuckAllOfTheTalking” is in fact a head banging track. If you ain’t about that life, they are not trying to hear it. We select this track as dope because it shows the duo has actual talent. Look forward into hearing from these guys.

Listen to FUCK ALL OF THE TALKING by J- WIZZLE #np on #SoundCloud

Tiffkno Kennedy Got Things Heating Up with Dope Flow and New Single “Selena Gomez”

We have another exclusive Houston Native, who settings the barriers high this year. Tiffkno Kennedy, has her latest track, “Selena Gomez” and giving nothing but heat with this one. With it’s witty Sounds and her dope flow,we can’t deny this song is a hit. 

Tiffkno has been traveling around the world gaining different styles and sounds. As a child, she has been influenced by music. In reference to a video we came across on YouTube, she stated how Salt and PeppersPush It” gave her that drive to want more in music. With her swag, and stylish appearance, she is sure to stand out without any hassle.

We can’t deny that the artist has her own flow. Meeting the artist in person, you wouldn’t think for her to present such authority in her music. Which is the Beauty of Tiffkno. With her latest track “Selena Gomez“, she has definitely taken this to another level for making a hot single. It’s head bombing and driven. You can actually hear what we mean and give your opinion as well.Check out her music exclusively here with links below. Be on the look out for Tiffknos video for “Selena Gomez” which was shot yesterday February 12,2017. We will have the exclusive premiere here!

Listen to Millibando ft Justified ForevHer by TIFFKNO KENNEDY #np on #SoundCloud

Watch “Uncle Murda – Thot ft. Young MA, Dios Moreno” on YouTube

Uncle Murda has the new hit record called “Thot”. With sample of KelisGet Along with You“, the song mourns the fact of women being Thots as men try to wife. With Young MA featured, her and Murda are both Sharing a beautiful lady. Dios Moreno gives melodies throughout the track as well. Crazy but this video is real life dope. Check it out now!!

JUSTIFIED FOREVHER – New EP “The New York Times” Drops. Listen Here Exclusively!

Artist Justified Forevher, has dropped a hot Ep titled ,”The New York Times“. At first, you begin to wonder. Why does the Houston Native calls it The New York Times. After hearing that raspy yet lyrical sound, you will hear both textures from each South to North. 
Bussing through with “On The Regular“, this Forevher Mix of Meek Mills has opened a major way for you to stay engaged. Which was a cool thing. Her bars after bars kept you wanting to hear more. “Remember The Days” comes on next with a sick beat that catches you. The Zaytoven type of sound is a quick transition song to change things up. Definitely a track the audience could hear and also relate more to. “America‘s Next Top Model“shows Justifieds more sincere side let’s say. “Still Love You… Houston” had a cool melody where you can vibe with no hesitates. 

Overall my key part of “The New York Times” was it was constantly giving new vibes. You may have to get used to her raspy voice to catch her mean wordplay. But that’s the beauty of the young lady giving you a piece of her world. She states the project was inspired and created in New York actually. Where she grasped the swag and mean demeanor of a NY native. Definitely can be spinned for all occasions,which is what Authentic music plays a part. Below you can check out Justified Forevher and hear her last project. Be on the look out for more of the artist.

Listen to The New York Times Ep by Justified ForevHer #np on #SoundCloud

“DEEPER THAN RAP” Showcase in SW Houston

Friday, January 27th, Summer Runners presented a Great Showcase “Deeper Than Rap” at Allure Lounge. How could you have a showcase with this title and not have Nyte Lyfe Music Group present! The show consists of some Texas natives that held the city down. DJ M3 and the Fly Institute was present as well.Not to mention, the CEO of Love2JamRadio, Mysslovie and team were present. Artists should definitely tune in to Love2JamRadio where you can get the support and platform for your music.

With performances by Concretee, Jack Boy D, Gxxicah, the place was filled with some dope artists. Also Featured artist on the blog, Alief Biggie was present, blessing the stage. There was plenty of energy and support from the audience. When Gxxicah, Scroggsatx, and his team came, they had the building jumping. Another highlight was to see a Performance from the Summer Runners. With Hotboy Taste Headlining,the anticipation was up by the max. Shout out to the Artists who did their duty to show out. Even the ones we may not have caught.Nyte Lyfe Music will definitely keep the readers tuned in with upcoming events from the Summer Runners.

(Photos via Instagram)

Alicia Keys Blesses your Ears and Celebrate Her Birthday with Release of “That’s What’s Up” 

As the beautiful Alicia Keys celebrates her 36th birthday, she has a new track called “Thats Whats Up“. With such great harmonizing and Praises to God, she uplifts your spirit with the song. A fun fact to consider is that the song samples Kanye Wests Low Lights from The Life of Pablo. We would like to say Happy Birthday to you Alicia Keys and continue to bless our ears. You can hear this track below with hopes of fullfilling your day with a smile.

Listen to That’s What’s Up by AliciaKeys #np on #SoundCloud

Nyte Lyfe Music Group is Celebrating Mysslovie’s Birthday for “Jammit or Crammit”

This Thursday, we will be present for the Lovely Mysslovies birthday. CEO of Love2JamRadio, will incorporate her great show Jammit or Crammit with a Birthday Celebration where artists can get a chance to be in rotation on the station. We advise Artists get in touch with this lady who supports the Indie Artists and gives platforms for growth. You can listen live right now, see below for link. Be present with us as we celebrate and introduce some of the Hottest Indie Artists and their music!

BTY YoungN Got The City Lit with Video- “It’s Whatever”

As we all know, New Orleans is the birthplace for many styles of all genres of music across the US. With the flow of BTY YoungN, he let it be known that he represents the culture of raw music. With his latest video, “It’s Whatever” you definitely will get an glimpse of a New Orlean’s gangsta. YoungN celebrates his success in the Harrahs Casino “Masquerade”. Taking shots in the most profound urban store in the city, Nouveau. As you can see, Member of RydaMuzik Records and the latest member to the Cash Money Family, has taken off and bet not let up! Let’s see BTY YoungN take this rap game by storm.

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