Nicki Minaj Brings Out Playboi Carti On SNL For “Poke It Out”

This past Saturday, Nicki Minaj debuts on NBC’s Saturday Night Live as their special guest. What way to bust it open with her latest feature with Playboi Carti on “Poke It Out”. This is a dope collaboration of them both including its production and its presence. Check out their performance now!


Throwback Thursday : Cam’Ron Drops “Killa Season” May 16, 2006

Dipset veteran Cameron Giles, Cam’Ron, blessed our game with “Killa Season”. His 5th studio album was released under Diplomats records and Asylum Records. “Killa Season” has appearances by Lil Wayne, Hell Rell, 40 Cal, Juelz Santana, Nicole Wray, Max B, Jim Jones, and JR Writer. Reflecting to this album, any Dipset fan should recieve memories of Cam’s ill-mannered presence and the hard beats picked for majority of his tracks.

The 20 tracked album has production by The Heatmakers, I.N.F.O., The Alchemist, BBanga, The Beat Firm, Pro-V, and many more. The Intro to the album is a beast with him giving bars for your sanity. The thing about Cam’Ron is that he has no filter and becomes the street’s storyteller. He will always be influential until this day because of his demeanor, persona, lyrics, and trend sending flows. Reflect back with us on Cam’s “Killa Season” below.

The Ultimate Women’s Expo Experience in Houston

With women having a huge spending power in today’s world, it continues to grow without making a blink! What amazing way to connect with beautiful business entrepreneurs face to face other than The Ultimate Women’s Expo at George R. Brown Convention Center. In attendance May 5th-6th, we witnessed the largest women’s exhibition in the US.

Bedroom Kandi Lounge Reps with Nyte Lyfe Lexx

Encounter massages, fashion shows, cooking workshops, pop up shops, Financial and Household Services, Direct Sales, inspiring webinars, beauty boutiques, and plenty more. With keynote speakers: Victoria Osteen, Rasheeda Frost, Julie Chrisley, Kenya Moore, MC Lyfe, and Dr. Lynn Richardson. These inspiring ladies spread the love to many attendees at the Expo.

She’s Happy Hair

Seminar speakers have useful resources as well. From “Money Mastery” (The Money Library”) to Dawniel Patterson with her “B.Y.O.B ( Build Your Own Business) Presentation.

Business owners were able to showcase their products and services for a “ready to buy consumer” that weekend. We ran across several businesses with awesome products and services:

  1. Picture Me Houston
  2. Lotts of Credit Repair Services
  3. Jad’Marie Cosmetics
  4. Respected Roots
  5. Xclusive Scents By D
  6. She’s Happy Hair
  7. Walgreens (Beauty Experts)
  8. Build Your Own Business
  9. The Money Library
  10. LJG Credit Specialist
  11. HairClub
  12. 3 Hues
  13. Colors of Christ
  14. The Baker’s Man
  15. Bedroom Kandie Lounge
  16. Primo Hot Tub and Swim Spas
  17. Life Directions

What a great way for you to be informed by several businesses within your area and across the globe. Check out our photos of a fantastic event at The Ultimate Women’s Expo!

Photos by : Travis Manuel

OMB BLOODBATH “All I Know” – Watch Now

We know the saying “A lot of these ladies harder than you niggas”. That’s a fact when it comes to Houston’s Female Artist OMB Bloodbath. Production of the track is by TNTXD. With her latest visual “All I Know” directed by Sedrick Savoy (SSFilmz), she came out with much swag with the street demeanor you can’t fabricate.

The video has all the street vibes for anyone to relate to. Its creative and scenic approach was given throughout the video. As Bloodbath hypes up, she give you a trap mixture of what the real ghetto is like. We met the young lady During SXSW in Austin and she has a humble ora. She chants “Deep In the Streets” with the “Everybody Eats” bandana around her head. What a way to display support and motivation with your team.

Everyone claim to be real and never a fake, well why are there so many accused of the fraudulent acts in this game? OMB Bloodbath got it on lock and describes a real and consistent come-up in her music. Check out the video now!

Celebrating DMX’s 20th Anniversary “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” Today – Throwback Thursday

Written By: Christopher Eldridge

In honor of Hip Hop legend DMX debut album “Its Dark and Hell Is Hot” 20th year anniversary this weeks Tbt song is “How’s It Goin’ Down” featuring Grammy award winning singer Faith Evans. As Faith graced
the chorus with melodic melody, DMX initiated his verse elaborating about reuniting with a young lady he once knew which lead to him starting an affair with her.

The music video was directed by Hype Williams which gave a great depiction of the song & essentially reflected visually and lyrically to another including even the young ladys boyfriend attacking a random guy because he thought he was DMX. DMX’s final two bars were “But we gon always be best friends, Mad love Boo till the end” coming to the conclusion that continuing the affair was wrong & a misplacement of energy thus advising the young woman to go repair her relationship with her boyfriend.

This album was released May 12, 1998 and by December 18, 2000 it went Quadruple Platinum! DMX’s contribution to hip hop will be forever legendary and appreciated for years to come.

Back On His Ghost Shit – Styles P Releases “G-Host”

The Ghost himself has been dropping exclusive music lately with recent EP “Nickel Bag” down to the “G-Host” which dropped May 4th, 2018. There is production by Boger, Jimmy Dukes, Phonix Beats, Rondon, Poobs, Black Swan, Divine Bars, Dayzel The Machine, Grade A, Vinny Idol, Prophe.T, and Scram Jones. These 16 tracks brings us into a lyrical realm us Hip-Hop fans need to tap into at times. Mostly today, rap music celebrates the drug and alcohol abuse to gun violence. Repeatedly. Some of our most gangster artists that speak factual encounters are the least to boast in today’s age. You always can hear Style’s maturity in his voice and lyrics. When there is a time for seriousness, The Lox’s General will have you in that state of mind.

We rocking with tracks “Wait Your Turn B”, “Morning Mourning” featuring Oswin Benjamin, “For The Occasion”, “Window To The Soul”, and “Going Thru Hell”

Check out why Styles P is forever be the hardest out!!

“This is America”Childish Gambino’s video with an insane vibe. Watch!

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is definitely on fire these days.


After presenting the second season of his significant television project “Atlanta”, the cultural visionary keeps discovering the modern American society through Hip Hop in all its forms. He teamed up for another time with one of the “Atlanta’s” directors Hiro Murai for the new music video on the “This is America” song, presented on Saturday Night Live show. Straight after the SNL sketch, mocking the common obsession over the Kanye West tweets.

The music video is made in the best traditions of Glover-Murai’s collaboration: full of unreasonable cruelty, surrealism, and unexpected plot twists. Because “This is America” in the Glover’s insane eyes. After the gospel intro to the song and first shot, Childish Gambino starts revealing the naked truth with the naked torso:

Yeah, this is America 
Guns in my area
I got the strap 
I gotta carry ’em

Guns are everywhere are used for no reason in the cruelest way. Murai implements them unexpectedly into the music video’s plot to show how unpredictable the society full of guns could be. The powerful statement from the Big Fish artists. Watch!