Back On His Ghost Shit – Styles P Releases “G-Host”

The Ghost himself has been dropping exclusive music lately with recent EP “Nickel Bag” down to the “G-Host” which dropped May 4th, 2018. There is production by Boger, Jimmy Dukes, Phonix Beats, Rondon, Poobs, Black Swan, Divine Bars, Dayzel The Machine, Grade A, Vinny Idol, Prophe.T, and Scram Jones. These 16 tracks brings us into a lyrical realm us Hip-Hop fans need to tap into at times. Mostly today, rap music celebrates the drug and alcohol abuse to gun violence. Repeatedly. Some of our most gangster artists that speak factual encounters are the least to boast in today’s age. You always can hear Style’s maturity in his voice and lyrics. When there is a time for seriousness, The Lox’s General will have you in that state of mind.

We rocking with tracks “Wait Your Turn B”, “Morning Mourning” featuring Oswin Benjamin, “For The Occasion”, “Window To The Soul”, and “Going Thru Hell”

Check out why Styles P is forever be the hardest out!!


“This is America”Childish Gambino’s video with an insane vibe. Watch!

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is definitely on fire these days.


After presenting the second season of his significant television project “Atlanta”, the cultural visionary keeps discovering the modern American society through Hip Hop in all its forms. He teamed up for another time with one of the “Atlanta’s” directors Hiro Murai for the new music video on the “This is America” song, presented on Saturday Night Live show. Straight after the SNL sketch, mocking the common obsession over the Kanye West tweets.

The music video is made in the best traditions of Glover-Murai’s collaboration: full of unreasonable cruelty, surrealism, and unexpected plot twists. Because “This is America” in the Glover’s insane eyes. After the gospel intro to the song and first shot, Childish Gambino starts revealing the naked truth with the naked torso:

Yeah, this is America 
Guns in my area
I got the strap 
I gotta carry ’em

Guns are everywhere are used for no reason in the cruelest way. Murai implements them unexpectedly into the music video’s plot to show how unpredictable the society full of guns could be. The powerful statement from the Big Fish artists. Watch!

New Track From Travis Scott, Kanye West, & Lil Uzi Vert -Listen Now

“Look at your Rollie, look at my Rollie…” and watch the remarkable collaboration between empowered Hip Hop culture visionary Travi$ Scott with the Philly-based MC Lil Uzi Vert and his Hip Hop Godfather Mr. West.

The “Watсh” follows up straight after the “Butterfly Effect” and brings even more suspense to the Houston-native’s highly-anticipated next LP  – “Astroworld”.

The opening line reveals the background story of the future album, which is named after the legendary Houston theme park closed in 2005. “The last ride ever, that I’m ever gonna take at Astroworld” opens the song about new values and change of perspective.

Each MCs drops a verse over the sick trap-styled beat. The most striking lines are coming from the Yeezy, when he speaks about his opioid addiction that was discussed in the latest TMZ interview.

Kylie Jenner the girlfriend of Travis Scott finishes the song with a lovely but also provoсative line. She praised their new-born baby Stormy: “We got bust down Rollies, bust down Rollies, And I told him I wanted to have a bust down baby” – another change of perspective for Travis.

Check out the brand-new tune and give it some favor if you like it!

Written By Roman Selezinka*

Kanye West Drops Interview with Charlemagne -NLM EXCLUSIVE

It’s was very refreshing to see Kanye West have such an insightful interview with Charlemagne after his controversial rants on Twitter. People were in rage of him wearing the MAGA hat and the impression of a support for Trump. He indirectly corrected his reasons and his breakdowns he had in the past. One thing we loved from the interview was Kanye stating “Stop doing things based on Fear”. Something most deal with today.

Kanye states that the breakthrough has him in a stronger place. It caused manipulation and created a validation he felt he didn’t need. Kanye seems to has risen from the hurt and pain he dealt with through media as well as with his mother’s death.

Kanye speaks on the robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian in Paris. Not being able to protect her as he wish was painful to him. He stated how it may have been set up, knowing that West would be on tour during his wife’s arrival to Paris. They caught them slipping you can say.

“They Lebron’d Me”

Charlemagne asks West about seeing a therapist. Kanye responded by saying he used the world as his therapist. With all he had to deal with as an icon, black man, lost of mother, self love, being a father and husband, he dealt with a lot. He explained why he didn’t say too much.

“Didn’t have a lot to say, but had a lot to learn”

He lost confidence coming through his breakthrough. He went into discussions about the word Humility. One thing that we noticed about his interview was that he was speaking the truth. And wasn’t afraid to say it.

“Basketball and Rap is someone’s else industry. You are the player”

He referenced this towards Virgil who was once Kanye’s Strategist. Virgil now over Men’s wear at Louis Vuitton. There has been some differences between his fellow friend. He speaks openly about it all.

He speaks on his differences with Jay-Z. Jay States in the “444” album how He gave Kanye 20 million:

Ye/You gave him 20 million without blinkin’/He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?”

Kanye defends by saying Jay got the money from the Roc Nation Touring Deal. He didn’t like how Jay made it seemed like it came straight out of his own pocket. Kanye is a Loyal yet emotional individual and felt some type of way. He has no hate but love towards Jay. Stating Family and of course Jay became a Co-Sign. He says branding = insecurities. How someone has to wear a luxury brand to consider themselves at a higher state. That was a dope comparison to today’s society. Being distracted and manipulated stepping into the music industry was a breakthrough for Kanye.


Overall, after seeing everyone ridicule one of our greatest artists of all time, shows how your people can turn their backs on you. Kanye takes it as people just stating their opinions which is true. We shouldn’t worry about what people think of us. This interview was an eye opener. With teaching us that information is everything. Kanye goes into how he didn’t want to be managed and artists should not overall. They should have CEOs! Also stating the 360 deal is the Harriet Tubman $20 dollar bill; “Ole Slave Shit”! Gathering 300 acres of land and building a community is his great ideas of today. He defends himself by saying “Trump = Anything is Possible”. Which is true. We have to think outside the box. This interview was a breakthrough for the culture. Watch it now.

Jim Jones Bodies “Wasted Talent” – Another Classic?

The wait is over now that Jim Jones has dropped his latest project titled “Wasted Talent” last month. The 18 tracked album is burning the streets. Jim Jones definitely tapped into his Diplomatic ways throughout the entire project. He gave all Diplomat fans something to look foward to by staying true to his roots. The Diplomats will always be a top trendsetter in the Hip-Hop culture. Jim Jones put smiles on our face after listening to the apperanances as well as the choice in production. There are appearances by Juelz Santana, Cam’Ron, Trav, Yo Gotti, Lil Durk, Mozzy, Ball Greezy, Jadakiss, Eric Bellinger, Avon Carter, and more.

“Chicken Fried Rice” has one of the best productions on the album by Ron Oilers. Yo Gotti did his thing with Jim, Trav and 5 AM as they get down speaking on enticing ladies with some hood shit.

Jim addresses how the sounds from his team influenced artists today with sampling on “Diplomatic Immunity”. The Diplomats always had their way of sampling some of the best in the world. Jim speaks on Drake, sampling his track that he sampled from The Dips. Now isn’t that something. With feature from Cam’Ron, it was only right they bought some topics to the table, as they are some of the most influential artists in our culture.

“Head Off” is a banger with Lil Durk on the track. Jim has always been a story teller, perfect track for him to do with a young artist in the game such as Lil Durk.

“Adidas” featuring Ball Greezy is all about “selling dope in your Adidas”. The production of the track is too hard. Jim gives us that same old gritty flow with insightful story lines.

“Still Dipset” produced by Jahlil Beats is a highlight on the album just by the title itself. The beat is ill while Santana eats.

“Gotta Play For Keeps” features YFN Lucci which becomes relatives to fans from the North to the South. Lucci become the perfect addition to the album as he do what he does best. The beat has a vibe that is heartfelt, giving you no choice but to feel its message.

Mozzy kills “Banging” as Jim Jones come busting on the song produced by 808 Mafia. The was one of the best collaborations on the album. The production matched both artists personas. One of our favorite songs gangsters came ride to.

“Dust and Powder” featuring Jadakiss is a prime example of real authentic rappers never losing touch. The sounds are a definite Dipset beat produced by Heatmakers. Jadakiss murdered the track. We had a moment listening to this collaboration as well.

Jim Jones was in his bag with this one. He stayed true to the roots of his legacy which should never be questioned. The East Coast flow is stamped throughout the album. The world should feel this one. Wasted Talent is a banger. Which track is your favorite?

1. “Intro Bronx Tales”
2. “Never Did 3Quarters” (Produced by The Heatmakerz)
3. “Epitome” (Produced by 808-Ray and SmittyBeatz)
4. “Catch on Yet” featuring Trav (Produced Rain910)
5. “Banging” featuring Mozzy (Produced by Non Stop 808 Mafia)
6. “Gotta Play the Game” featuring YFN Lucci (Produced by Dougie on the Beat)
7. “Got to B Real” featuring Alexza (Produced by DJ Rellyrell)
8. “Dust & Powder” featuring Jadakiss (Produced by The Heatmakerz)
9. “Living My Best Life” featuring Eric Bellinger (Produced by The Heatmakerz)
10. “Adidas” featuring Ball Greezy (Produced by Killa Watts)
11. “Chicken Fried Rice” featuring 5AM, Yo Gotti and Trav (Produced Ron Oilers)
12. “The Old Way” featuring AX Leon
13. “Diplomatic Immunity” featuring Cam’ron (Produced by The Heatmakerz
14. “Head Off” featuring Lil Durk (Produced by Dougie on the Beat)
15. “Pray” featuring Trav (Produced by Kyle Smith)
16. “Bag Talk”* featuring Ball Greezy (Produced Foreign Teck)
17. “Still Dipset”* (Produced Jahlil Beats)
18. “Once Upon a Time”* (Produced by The Heatmakerz)

Unsigned Hype – Featuring L.S.T and Her Latest Single “Too Dope” – Listen Now!

What better way to be feeling yourself after listening to female artist L.S.T. With her latest single “Too Dope” she gives the ladies a reason to rock! L.S.T “Lil Shorty Tanja” is an upcoming female rapper residing in the New Orleans area. After listening to her single, she began to grow her own style and presence. The artist may be pretty but don’t let the look fool you. She coming with some bars and dope flows.

With production by Gino, L.S.T delivered a catchy tune for the boss ladies to listen to. The beat leveled well with her voice. She should have incorporated more ad-libs for more personality and enthusiasm. The content of the song overall is dope. She represented quite fine. With the feature from Sev7en, it became a good collaboration. With his lyrics and sound, he bought more of a street vibe that becomes relative.

Overall, L.S.T is on the come up to becoming a household name. As she diligently works on her craft, we have no doubts she will break any barriers.

L.S.T music is Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, iHeartRadio Etc!

Social Media Contacts:

  1. Instagram: @LST_Dope
  2. Snapchat: @LST_Dope
  3. Twitter: @LilShortyTanja
  4. YouTube: LSTtv1
  5. SoundCloud: LIL.Shorty Tanja

“Unsigned Hype” K1ngChulo Brings You Into His World in “Werewolves”

Feel the vibes as K1ngChulo presents his latest single “Werewolves”. As the track begins, you sense K1ngChulo about to tell his story. With over 100,000 plays overall on all platforms , he has fans that comes for the heat. The New Orleans artist comes alive in the nighttime. With production by Dutty, the track has a dark background which coincides with Chulo’s sound. He speaks on going in and his determination to not stop by any means. There is anticpation his fans hear, wanting to hear more. With his second project “Me, Myself, and K1ng”, Chulo has a variety of sounds that reflect on his hard work and dedication. The chorus depicts the artist moving in the night as a werewolf, taking the world by storm. The beat has substance and keeps you in mind of the night life he feeds off into. K1ng Chulo has the potential to become an elite rap artist. We infer as his hard work increases, the more the world cannot look past his talents.

New Orleans Artist “K1ng Chulo”

Overall, “Werewolves” is a dope song that you can change your mood to. Whether you are at a happy state, or a dark space, the track becomes neutral to your ears. K1ng Chulo has an authentic flow that becomes relative to the audience. “Werewolves is on all platforms such as SoundCloud, ITunes, Spotify, and more. You can check out the artist @K1ngchulo on all social media platforms.

J.Cole Views on The Industry with “K.O.D” – Listen Now!

Dreamville’s general J.Cole recently announced that he would be releasing an album titled “K.O.D”. J Cole reference K.O.D to “Kids on Drugs”, “Kill Our Demons”, and “King Overdose”.

He has only one feature , Kill Edward on “The Cut Off” and “Friends”. It is said that Kill Edward is Cole’s alter ego. J. Cole just released his video to “ATM”. The video is very animated and the concept is sick. He depicts how money controls us.

It is also said that Cole disses Lil Pump in track “1985”. Twitter fans are raging about this and wants answers!! You can listen for yourself below.

Throwback Thursday: Nas Dropped “Illmatic” – April 19th 1994

Today in 1994, Nas dropped his studio album “Illmatic” with Columbia Records. 24 years ago today, the album consists of 10 tracks. As an East Coast rapper back in the day, Nas was the truth beyond many artists. He began recording at the age of 17 years old! Illmatic sold about 60,000 copies its first week. Despite low sales, critics were wowed by his talents and work.

Nas and Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Young Thug Has A New EP with Nicki Minaj, 21Savage, and Lil Uzi Vert – Listen Now!

Young Thug came along and drops a 3 tracked EP with three dope features on “Hear No Evil”. If you are a fan of Thug’s work, then you anticipate how would this project may sound. He brings Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi Vert, and 21 Savage into his world. Young Thug always had his own sense of sound where now it becomes duplicated. Thug bought us back to some of his original Flow with the three tracks.

“Anybody” featuring Nicki Minaj has been anticipating for the fan as they both post on social media about the drop. The track has a nice flow and beat. Nicki suites the track well. We enjoy this track more than her latest singles.

“Up” featuring Lil Uzi Vert is produced by Southside. Uzi Vert did his thing on the track as he steps his game up with his wordplay. Thug gives us that upbeat tone in this voice. This high pitched sound becomes familiar from his throwback tracks. Not one of our favorite types but he created his own style with that, and he can keep that! Overall, the track is nice.

Last, he collaborates with 21 Savage on “Now”. They both kills the beat as they boasts about their money, hoes, and cars. They both complement each other’s swag on the track. The production is a catch as well. 21 Savage comes stunting the entire time on the track.

Overall, this EP is what we needed from Thug. You can hear it below:

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